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was created for the enjoyment of the legendary listfather, Thomas Hassan (and because such a forum was missing). It is a mailing-list for all kinds of transformation stories. After many years the list still thrives. Almost all of the new stories in the archive have either been posted to the list first, or been especially written for the list. Traffic varies wildly, some days are slow, but be prepared for many (sometimes long) stories and philosophical ramblings about transformation. For more information read the TSA-Talk FAQ Thanks to Xodiac the faqmaster for keeping it updated.

It is currently maintained by the list-uncles: Bryan Derksen, Eric Schneider, and Jon Sleeper.

How to join:

Just go to the TSA-Talk subscription page and follow the directions.

The following is the information you get after joining the list


  1. TSA-TALK is the place where writers and readers of transformation fiction congregate to chat, discuss and post stories. Sometimes the discussion may revolve around posted stories, sometimes about other matters of transformative content. Sometimes it may just be pure silliness. All that is welcome to the list.

    • It is not the submission address for the "Transformation Story Archive".

    • It is not limited to stories and the posting thereof. It is also not limited to any specific kind of transformation. All kinds of transformation stories are welcome on TSA-TALK.

  2. Even though discussions on the list may be free-wheeling, some topics are definitely forbidden:

    • Formatting of posts. (If you have trouble with the formatting of a person's post, contact them privately and offer your help friendly.)

    • Religious Matters. (Even though I personally enjoy a discussion about religion over a few coffees, TSA-TALK is not the place for it.)

    • Politics. (TSA-TALK is a very international list, and whatever irks you about your local politics, chances are that other members won't even know, nor care what you're talking about.)

    • Topicality of posts. (The listuncles and I are the only persons who may declare any thread off-topic. This means all meta-discussions of "what this list is about".)

  3. You may post any of your own stories to the list. I do not approve of posting stories by other authors. (except at the request of said other author, if he/she can't or doesn't want to do it himself.)

    If you post stories please follow these guidelines:

    • Try to paste your story into your mailclient. If you attach a file, chances are that quite a few people won't or can't read your story, and some may go to great lengths telling you about it. Just cutting and pasting from your texteditor to your mailclient will do nicely, thanks.

    • If your story runs longer, post it into several mails, as the listserver will refuse any mail beyond 40K in length.

    • If you can, use straight quote marks " and straight apostrophes '. Quite a few readers who don't own your brand of computer will thank you.

    • Please put the title and the author of the story into your mail, too. Quite a few people save the stories as textfiles, and if you don't put title and author there, they may get lost.

    • Last: If you wish me to consider the story for the TSA itself, send it to me under seperate cover, and read the TSA Submission Guidelines

  4. If you've enjoyed a story, think about letting the author know. Everybody appreciates hearing from their readers.

  5. Have fun. That's what this list is about. While we can get pretty serious, we do enjoy silliness and fun, too.

Thomas Hassan
and JT Skunk
TSA Father and Wicked Stepdad, respectivesly.

Have fun.