The Transformation Story Archive Auxiliary Files

TSA Submission Guidelines

1. Submission process:

To get a story considered for the TSA, it must be sent to and be clearly marked 'TSA-Submission' in the subject. Please do also give the title of the story, so that your mail would look like this:


Subject: TSA-Submission: The 20 Transformations of Eve

We will try to give you any kind of feedback as soon as possible. E-mails which don't follow these conventions may get overlooked.

Important:We do not 'harvest' any mail-lists, newsgroups or websites. (yes, this includes tsa-talk.)

In the first lines of the mail, please give us the following information:

Storytitle: (selfexplaining, hopefully)
Contact: (That means the way I contact you, your name and e-mail address. Aliases and anonymous accounts are accepted)
Attribution: (That is the name/pseudonym under which the story should appear on the webpage)
Attribution e-mail: (The e-mail address to be shown on the webpage. Again, anonymous accounts are accepted)

If there is no pressing reason to do otherwise, please send us the story as plain text, not HTML mail or as Word/Wordperfect/etc. attachments. If you must send your stories as attachments, please include minimal formatting, and for goodness sake, don't password-protect it. It makes it very difficult for us to read. ;) If at all possible, please paste the text into the mailbody. This makes it much more probably that your story will get immediate attention. Also, as the web is not 'typographically-savvy', try not to use ellipses and/or curly quotes. If you need any 'markup', use asterisks for bold and underlines for italics.

If you have questions, just mail us at

2. Story matters:

The story should have at least one bodily transformation as a major plot-point. This means stories where we look at the aftermath of a transformation are well within bounds, even if the transformation occurs off-camera, so to speak. Pure furry/animal/talking couches stories are not. Pure smut, while fun for us to read, are also not.

The story should be readable as a stand-alone story, without any foreknowledge of other stories needed for the reader. This does not mean that any shared setting story is automatically disqualified, but we will not try to keep up with the diverse shared settings. These have grown so much, we simply can't, and many of them have moved on to purely furry other similar subject matters and are not really in the right place in the TSA. We do hope someone will provide a central shared settings archive/link page, we will link to it from the Worlds directory index.

The story should have a plot. Yes we know we have a few plotless transformations on the page, and if the transformation description is nice enough, and we like it enough, we will probably make exceptions to the rule again... Basically we try to judge the story around what you're trying to do. If you're trying to write a well-written transformation, and that's all, then we'll judge that. If you include a more detailed plot, then we'll assume you're interested in having the plot looked at as well.

3. Formatting:

We generally require that the story not look like it was typed with one hand. If it's grossly riddled with grammar errors and spelling errors, JT gets unhappy. And when JT gets unhappy, people get stomped on. This doesn't mean that we're going to be quite as picky as grammar teachers, but generally, if you don't care enough about your story to proofread it before sending it in, we'll assume that's how much we're supposed to care about it, and we won't proofread it either.

4. Editorial Decisions:

Beyond the above-mentioned criteria,, we can't really explain why we will include or not include any story. It is very much a matter of personal taste. We will give basic reasons if you ask, but actually, all we can do is rationalize an experienced-based decision (and any other editor--if -s/he is honest--will tell you exactly the same thing). Qualities like originality, imagination, effective use of language, subtext, and technique all factor in, but it is the whole work that we'll judge, and how all these qualities work together.

All decisions are (usually) final, no bets accepted, your mileage may vary...