The Transformation Story Archive The Other Sex

Convention Conversion

by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

Keith rode up in the glass elevator to his room on the 41st floor wondering if this WorldCon, his 3rd, would be any different. As a convention, WorldCon was the best, and Keith always fully enjoyed the Con part of the week. But cons in general were excuses to party, and WorldCon presented an exemplary opportunity to have all kinds of non-programmed fun. Unfortunately, this aspect of the science fiction convention experience was generally a problem for Keith. He was painfully shy and just a touch geeky (not that that was unusual at any con), and he tended to sit in the corner of the ConSuite (or whatever other party he dropped into) and watch the action pass him by.

The first two days of the Con were normal - lots of panels and movies, a brief stop in two parties (one a Steeleye Span sing-along party, the other with an Anime (or Japanimation) theme), and then to bed to watch the Playboy channel around midnight until he fell asleep.

The third day, he saw Her. She was in the art show looking at a painting of a mostly naked lady, by an artist Keith had never heard of. He was immediately stricken: she was incredibly beautiful, absolute perfection.

She was short, compact, with dirty-blonde hair cut short. She was wearing a leather jacket, black with silver studs, faded jeans, and a sweatshirt bearing a picture of Astro Boy. Many people would not have seen her in the same way Keith did, but he was instantly in love.

Unfortunately, Keith just couldn't bring himself to actually talk to the beauty. She walked away, leaving Keith staring at the painting and thinking of the girl. He took a deep breath and followed her as she paced through the show, stopping mainly by pictures of nude and semi-nude women, but also favoring starscapes and spaceships in flight. One painting, though, caused him to stop following her - it was a picture of a very feline woman, a tigress melded with a human, and the basic model could only have been his new-found love. He looked at the bidsheet and paused for a moment, then put down a second bid that doubled the first - he had to have the painting, because he'd now probably never see his love again. He examined at the other paintings by the same artist, a man named Robinson - many were of cats, humans, or melds, but none had his love as the model. After spending some more time staring at the tigress, he left the art show, his mind in a fog.

The rest of that day was rather a waste for Keith. He spend most of it wandering through the common areas of the convention space looking for the woman. Unfortunately, there were over 6500 fans in attendance at this particular WorldCon and the likelihood of him finding one person in that throng was vastly small. As night drew nigh, Keith figured he would do something he never had before - he'd party hop: visit every open party in the hotel (all 50 floors) hoping to locate his love.

'Long about 3am, Keith stumbled off the elevator on the 26th floor. He had been to so many parties he had long since lost count: he was being methodical about it, and so had visited every open door from the 4th floor up, only now arriving at the 26th. To be sociable, he had partaken of at least one drink or smoke in every room he had visited, so was not quite high in more than altitude (which was a first for the 25 year old).

Actually, he hadn't imbibed in every room he visited. He had discovered that some attendees, either too poor or too late to register for the dealers' room used their hotel rooms as display and sale areas. There was as great a diversity of 'freelance' dealers as were represented in the official sales room - more, in fact, as some of the more esoteric wares sold from the rooms wouldn't have been let near the officialdom of the dealers' room. Things from the illegal to the authentically occult - things that Keith had mostly surveyed briefly before moving on to the next door. Until now.

For the first open door he encountered in his scouring of the 26th floor was (as advertised on the door in very ornate lettering) 'The Illumination Magic Shop'. The room, one of a suite, was done up very atmospherically - almost like a movie set of a magic shop. But the woman who sat behind the low table just within the door seemed, to Keith's befogged senses, to belong there - she lent the place an air of authenticity.

He stopped before the table and looked bemusedly at the trappings in the room, swaying a bit before leaning against the wall. His eye was caught by a brightly glowing crystal far back in the room, and he felt something strange click in his mind.

The proprietress asked, "What can I do for you this new morn?"

Keith's gaze was drawn from the crystal to the woman, his eyes a bit glazed. He felt a strange need to tell this woman his deepest wish. He said, "I...I saw a woman to...yesterday and fell in love. I'm trying to find her in hopes that we'll hit it off and...well..."

The woman smiled and said, "Yes, I understand. Just a minute..." She reached under the table and pulled out a small black ball. She held it in her hand for a moment, then closed her eyes while holding the ball against her temple. She smiled after a moment, opened her eyes, and put the ball back under the table. Then she stood and went to a shelf, lifting from it a small jewelry box. Returning to the table she offered the box to Keith saying, "This will get you your girl, but it will be on her terms. Do you want that?"

Keith, eyes still glazed, paused a moment, then said, "Yes. Anything to be with her."

"Then take the box and look in it."

Keith obeyed, and found a small faceted emerald in a three-clawed silver setting. Upon closer inspection, he saw that it was an earring for a pierced ear. he said, "It's beautiful. Is it for her? And if so, how do I find her?"

"No, my child. It is for you."

"But, I don't have a pierced ear. How can it be for me?"

"Bend down here and show me your ear. Left one, I think." Again, Keith obeyed, without really thinking. The woman took his earlobe between her thumb and forefinger and said a soft word. Keith felt a brief instant of pain, and then nothing. She released his ear, then took the earring from the box and slipped it through the new hole in his earlobe, fastening it once it was settled.

Keith straightened and put a hesitant hand to his new piece of jewelry. He was more than a bit amazed at how fast this was all going. He said, "Um, how much...?"

"Do not trouble yourself, child. Gifts such as this one always repay themselves. Good luck in your new life, child. Go back to your room and get some sleep - you don't need to look for Tammy Kalen any more."

Keith perked up at the mention of the name, and then suddenly felt very, very sleepy. He mumbled, "Thank you," and stumbled back to the elevator. He was in even more of a fog as the elevator carried him up to floor 41, and he then managed to drag himself down the hall, to the left, in his door (with only minor fumbling of his mag-card key), and right into bed without even undressing, sound asleep literally before he hit the sheets.

Keith awoke to hot sunlight feeling very groggy and uncomfortable - almost in pain. He opened his eyes and rolled over, and found long dark hair obscuring his vision. For a moment he panicked - remembering scores of movies where the hero picks up someone while he's drunk and doesn't recall it in the morning, he wondered who he had brought home last night, most of which was nothing more than a blur of light and sound, and the disorienting feeling of being thuroughly drunk.

Groaning, he sat up, clutching his head. His clothes felt strange - too loose, yet touching in places they shouldn't. Squinting in the sunlight, he looked around his bed and found himself alone. Then he looked down at himself, and screamed!

He rolled off the bed and stood shakily in front of the wall mirror looking at himself. The only thing he recognized about the image he saw was the tattered clothes he was almost wearing. As for the rest...

What he was looking at was a striking, dark haired young woman dressed only in the rag-like remnants of a tie-dyed t-shirt and Levis jeans.

He lifted a hesitant hand to his head, watching the feminine arm in the mirror mimic the movement. Then, tactile evidence forced him to stop divorcing himself from the mirror's image: the hair he touched was nothing like his had been - now it was thick and silky, sensuous even though rumpled with sleep. His hand slipped down to touch the cheek of the face that was slightly fuller than it had been yesterday, though it was still very oval. He stared at eyes that were rounder that greener than yesterday (then, they had been a murky blue); at a smaller, finer nose; higher cheekbones (accounting for the added fullness); and fuller, redder lips. His hand caressed his cheek and found it smoother than he could ever remember it being.

Still numb with disbelief, Keith took a moment to slip the neckband of the destroyed t-shirt over his head, discovering how long his hair was now: mid- back. Tossing the rag aside, he stared again at the image in the mirror. If the face was hard to deal with, the torso was worse. Mostly because of what it now had that it hadn't ever had before - breasts.

They were full and firm, with tiny pink nipples right at their tips. He lifted his hand even more hesitantly to those creamy mounds of woman-flesh and sighed a bit with disbelief when he felt the ultra-soft, warm, bulging skin of his newly enlarged right breast. His thumb shifted to touch the nipple, which drew another gasp from him as the slight touch generated a bolt of sensation that shot right to his groin. And then he gasped yet again when he felt a very familiar response down there to that bolt.

Even more confused now, Keith hurriedly stripped out of his tattered jeans and fruit-of-the-looms. He gasped again (again) when his underwear slipped down over his very wide hips and he saw that he still possessed his cock and balls.

Now fully nude, he looked back at the mirror. The image he now presented was both bizarre and very sexy. He was all woman - face, hair, chest, arms, legs, stomach, hips, and ass, but instead of a cunt between those shapely legs, he sported his old equipment, now rather more hairless than they had been before: the only hair on his body below his neck was a small squarish patch of luxuriantly thick, raven black hair just over the root of his cock.

As he looked at himself (or should that be herself?) in the mirror, his cock slowly continued the inflation it had begun when he had touched his nipple. Intrigued, and lured by the eroticism of the view, Keith closed one hand about his cock and placed the other on his nipple. He began stroking his cock as he pinched his nipple, the former increasing rapidly as the latter generated three or four times as much pleasure as just stroking ever had before. Building to an orgasm faster than he normally did, he was shooting his cum with body wrenching spasms all over the mirror. When the last wad was spent, he collapsed backward on the bed, very wrung out.

As he rested, his mind cleared a bit. He remembered (albeit vaguely) his stop in the 'Illumination Magic Shop' the night before. His clean hand touched his left earlobe and found the emerald stud there. He remembered his 'wish' too - to find the woman he had fallen in love with yesterday. And he also remembered how the shopkeeper had said something about "...on her terms..." and wondered just who he had fallen in love with.

As his fingers clasped the emerald stud in his ear, he felt it get hotter rapidly, beginning to burn both fingers and ear. He tried to snatch his hand away, but found it stuck there. The heat grew greater, then swelled and passed too fast to really hurt throughout his body and was gone. And, in its wake, Keith felt his mind alter subtly to match the more drastic changes in his/her body.

Gender identity was the most obvious change. Keith was no longer a 'him': in fact, she couldn't even accept the name 'Keith' any more. She thought for a minute, then decided that she liked Kathy.

After a brief trip to the bathroom to clean up, she stood before the mirror again, this time fully accepting, and even proud of, her body. It was perfect - sexy and beautiful, with full, firm breasts and long lusty cock. Kathy was 500% better than Keith had been, and if this was what her new love wished, then she would thank both her new love and the witch at the magic shop, both of whom had made this change possible.

Eventually, she turned away from the mirror, after staring at herself long enough to memorize her new body. Her attention now turned to finding her love...what had the shopkeeper called her? Ta...Tammy Kalen, that was it. Tammy. Beautiful name.

She opened the dresser drawers, revealing an array of t-shirts and a few pairs of jeans, as well as a large collection of white cotton jockey shorts. She made a face of annoyance at the sight - she knew the underwear wouldn't fit well, nor, probably, the jeans. She knew that the t-shirts should - they were fairly stretchy, after all. She figured that what she had worn the night before had ended up to tattered because of the suddenness of the physical change: certain of her dimensions had changed, but not enough to make her rip out of her clothes like some kind of half-female Hulk ordinarily.

Choosing a dark colored Star Trek t-shirt, she began to dress in Keith's clothes. She had guessed correctly: the underwear felt awful, and the jeans were incredibly tight around her hips, but extremely loose around the waist. Only the t-shirt was relatively comfortable - it squeezed her breasts a bit, but it also flattered her figure.

Accessing the image she presented in Keith's clothes with a fashion sense he had never possessed, she decided that she could venture from the room without dying from embarrassment, as long as the first thing she did was find something new to wear. Filling her pockets (and making a note to pick up a purse with the clothes) and pinning on the con badge, she left her room for the first time as Kathy.

First stop was a Gap where she bought 4 pairs of jeans and some shirts more her size. A department store stop got her a dozen panties and three bras, along with a pocket book. She went back to her hotel room and got out of Keith's jeans and underwear, replacing them with a pair of silky green panties and properly fitting Chic jeans. She kept the t-shirt on. Then, she went to enjoy the con and look for Tammy.

Kathy thoroughly enjoyed the con that day, even though she didn't find Tammy. People chatted with her, and not just because she exuded sex appeal: she was more confident of herself now, and so found it easy to join in, or begin, conversations rather than just hover around them listening in. She visited many panels, toured the art show again (the cat-Tammy still had her bid as its highest, and she bid on two more pieces), as well as the dealers' room, where she bought a lot of jewelry. She returned to her room after dinner to try to figure out where to find Tammy.

As she was idly flipping through the advertising in the hotel's information booklet, trying to imagine where Tammy might go or what she might do, she saw an ad for a bar very close to the hotel that was having a male stripper revue that night. There was a slight burning in her earlobe, very brief, and she decided to go see the show.

She showered, taking her time and feeling up her body thoroughly, reveling in its sensuality. Then, she dressed in a new set of blue satin underwear, her tightest new jeans, and a blue silky shirt that she left unbuttoned far enough to show ample amounts of her new cleavage. Putting the essentials into her purse, she set off for the bar.

Haddaran's was the name of the place, and it was surprisingly roomy for the number of people that seemed to be there. Kathy found a seat at the bar fairly close to the stage. No show was going on when she arrived, but from the snatches of conversation she overheard, she had missed several very hot young men.

Kathy ordered a cranberry and vodka - and was surprised by how good it tasted as Keith had hated vodka - and settled in to wait. She scanned the crowd, which was composed mostly of women but which also contained a scattering of couples, both man-woman and man-man pairs, and was slightly disappointed that she didn't see Tammy anywhere. For some reason she had been sure she would find her true love here, else she wouldn't ever have come to a male strip show. Despite what she looked like now, Kathy just wasn't interested in men...or was she?

She was saved from further pondering this question by the lights in the room fading to dark and a spotlight coming on aimed at the center of the stage's runway. A bodiless announcer said, "And now for our next show, will everyone please welcome a visitor to our shores but one whom I am sure you all will make feel welcome...introducing for your viewing pleasure...The Limey!"

A moment after the announcer's voice faded, the curtains at the back of the stage parted and a young man, blond haired and dressed in an almost stylized sailor's suit, stepped through. The spotlight centered on the man who just stood there, eyes on the floor just in front of his shoes, waiting for the music to begin.

Kathy used the pause to take a good look at the first male stripper she had ever seen in person. He looked young - Kathy guessed not more than 20, probably less. However, he had a very young, almost babyish face, so he could have been rather older than he looked. He was very handsome, and his blond hair was shoulder length - thick, luxuriant, beautiful. His body looked lithe and graceful = Kathy guessed that he would be a supreme dancer.

Music began, soft but with a distinct beat. The dancer cocked his head when it started, and then began tapping his toe after a few bars. Next, as the music came to the end of a phrase, the dancer began snapping his fingers to the beat in counterpoint to his toe. And, as the music finished its next phrase, it changed instantly into the kind of fast, hard driving, bright and moving music Kathy expected to accompany an exotic dancer. As the Limey began to gyrate to the new music, Kathy mentally applauded the style of the young man - his whole approach was more that of a Broadway dancer than an exhibitionist.

If there was more skill in the Limey's dance than Kathy expected, there was also more eroticism, if not raw sex, than she imagined. And, as the dance progressed and clothes were discarded little by little, Kathy was even more amazed by the reaction she was experiencing, which was, to put it bluntly, lust.

She wasn't alone. Catcalls, cheers, and applause indicated the crowd's response to the Limey (though whether to his dancing or his body, Kathy wasn't sure). Still, her attraction to the very male dancer disturbed her - but only for moments. Shaking her head, she set aside her confusion, and went with the feelings of the moment and watched the Limey dance.

With real talent that made his movements erotic rather than dirty, the Limey made it down to his bare chest, leaving only button-down sailor pants and docksiders as his garb. He spent a few moments on showing off his torso, which was just gorgeous. Totally hairless (including his pitts), it was just barely defined - not over developed, but sleek and slim and...well, gorgeous! Again, Kathy's assessment was not unique - the audience's audible approval was almost deafening.

The dance continued with the Limey kicking his docksiders to the back of the room, then beginning on his sailor trousers. He undid the fly one button at a time, with much posturing and posing between each one. Each successive button caused more outcry from the audience - the crowd was really getting into the Limey's performance, Kathy included. She was eagerly anticipating the removal of those pants.

When the fly was completely undone, the talented dancer didn't just let the pants flop to the floor. He teased the crowd by opening the flap and closing it again, revealing in this way nothing but silky black fabric but still driving the crowd to a near frenzy. Finally, he turned his back to the audience and, after 'shaking his booty' a few times to wild cheers, he let the sailor pants slide down his legs, somehow managing to get them to go down slowly and sensuously. He stepped out of them and kicked them away, and turned to face the audience clad only in silk black boxer shorts. As his dance continued, shouts of 'take 'em off!' and 'we want bulge!' became audible. Kathy was rather surprised that the Limey had ended up in boxers - it had been her impression that exotic dancers usually stripped down to a g- string (or less). But, he was still dancing...

The music began building again, and the Limey began to really bump and grind, gyrating his whole body but most especially his hips. And, to the accompaniment of cheers, cat-calls, and a crescendo, he ripped the boxers right off of his body and threw them into the audience. Kathy's eyes closed in involuntary embarrassment, then opened immediately again to be slightly disappointed at the sight of the very brief lime green g-string the dancer was wearing.

By now, the audience was truly deafening, drowning out all but the beat of the music. The Limey was obviously a huge success. In more ways than one: the basket so tightly bound in those briefs was well packed and bulging, stirring odd feelings deep within Kathy's being. And still the man danced. Moving his body in ways that excited Kathy more basically than thought could deal with, the Limey continued to pose and posture to the audience. And then, as the music reached a final peak, he touched the sides of his briefs where there seemed to be small hoops of metal. And, with a practiced flick, he whipped the lime green garment off without stooping and tossed the cloth right into Kathy's lap. He wasn't wearing anything under them this time, so everyone in the place got a good long glimpse of the thick, meaty cock and full balls of the man as he posed, stationary again, for moments before the lights went out. Even before that, people had begun to lunge toward the stage - when the place went black some cursing could be heard over the wild clamoring of approval from the crowd. When the lights returned, seemingly only seconds later, the stage was bare, the Limey nowhere in sight.

The applause, cheers, cries of 'encore!', and other signs of auditory approbation went on for several minutes. Kathy saluted the Limey for as long as she could without being conspicuous - she had been mightily impressed, and not just for his exquisite dancing.... She was also clinging very tightly to those briefs that had been tossed into her lap. As soon as the cheering and clapping began to die down, she took a brief break to cram the briefs into her purse, then joined back in the salute to the dancer.

Finally, the noise faded away, and the patrons settled down to await the next act. Kathy turned back to the bar and found a full cranberry and vodka next to her mostly empty first one. Then, even before she had a chance to look around, she heard a voice next to her say, "Some hunk, huh?"

She turned toward the melodious voice, somehow knowing who it was. And as the owner of the voice came into view, Kathy felt her heart stop in excitement and panic, for there sat Tammy Kalen, the most perfect woman in the world!

She sat somehow gracefully on the backless barstool smiling at Kathy with a gleam in her grey-blue eyes. Her shortish hair framed her round face perfectly: words couldn't describe the perfection of that face. A hint of blue on her eyelids, a touch of pink frost on her lips, was all the makeup she used. In her left ear she wore a small silver-set emerald that looked remarkably like the one Kathy now wore. In her right ear she wore a small star, and a moonstone set in a silver crescent moon setting.

She was wearing a black sheath dress that showed off her body even when sitting down. Kathy felt all of those familiar Keith-like responses to the curves both hinted at and revealed by that dress - she put her purse in her lap to be sure that nothing untoward showed through.

But, while Kathy's body responded like Keith's had, her mind didn't. Keith might have responded to a question like that with a mumbled 'Yep' followed by a hasty exit. Kathy, however, smiled right back at Tammy and said, "Sure was - best I've ever seen. Well, really the first I've ever seen, but I bet I'm spoiled for anyone else now."

Tammy laughed fetchingly at that comment, that glint in her eye increasing. Then she said, "You could very well be right, dear. I've seen a few, and Jase is truly one of the best."

"You know the Limey?" asked Kathy, wonder in her voice.

"No, but I know his name. Jason Van Norren. He always dances under the name 'the Limey,' but he's done one blue movie and several nude photo books where he uses his real name.

"But, he never gives autographs or anything - he's very private. See the bouncers protecting the backstage doors? So, even if I did know him I couldn't introduce you to him - no one goes through those doors while he's still in the joint. So, instead, drink up and let's introduce ourselves."

Kathy sipped at her fresh drink and listened to Tammy introduce herself as the manager of a health spa in Kathy's own hometown.. Tammy continued on about the con, and about having seen Kathy here and there in the hotel (though only earlier that day), and being surprised and pleased to find her in the bar where Tammy had come to see Jase.

Tammy was full of harmless conversation and Kathy had absolutely no problem sitting there and listening to her musical voice. The only input Kathy had so far mentioned was her name and that she lived in the same town as Tammy.

Then, when her second drink was empty, Tammy said, "Well, Kath, would you like another drink?"

"Sure," replied Kathy, pleased with Tammy's diminutive of her name.

"Here, or in my room?" Tammy asked.

Kathy's heart lurched painfully/giddily, and her cock threatened to launch her purse across the bar as she digested Tammy's question. Though Keith would have spent hours deliberating about what to do, and then more hours trying to actually stutter out his answer, Kathy (once she calmed down enough) simply and directly said, "Your room - it'll be quieter and...cozier..."

Tammy's smile made Kathy's breasts tingle and the lust in her eyes made Kathy's loins burn. Tammy slipped off of her stool gracefully and 'helped' Kathy off of hers in a transparent move designed to let her caress Kathy's arm and breast, which Kathy not only noticed, but encouraged to the point of prolonging the contact to be sure that Tammy was getting the right message. Then, arm around her waist because Kathy found that those two drinks had made her legs a bit rubbery, Tammy led Kathy out of the bar and back to the hotel. They rode up in a crowded elevator full of con-folk who didn't bat an eye at the couple though the were both women, and then went down a featureless hotel corridor to a door. Kathy noticed these images only peripherally, because she was focusing all of her attention on the tactile sensations of being led about nestled against Tammy's side. Though Tammy was rather shorter than her, Kathy felt somehow save and secure held against that compact body. And besides that, Tammy smelled wonderful!

Finally the door of Tammy's room closed on the sounds of a party just down the hall, and Kathy was finally alone with her love.

Her hostess said, "Make yourself comfortable," and vanished into the bathroom. Kathy looked around the typical hotel room that was no different from her own, debated lounging on a bed, decided that that would be a little too presumptuous and settled into one of the chairs by the window.

Tammy didn't take long in the bathroom. There was a flush and moments later, she appeared carrying two glasses of an oddly green liquid. She glided across the room and handed one to Kathy, then sat in the other chair and said, "Great view, huh?"

Pointedly not looking out the window, Kathy said, "Yep!" and Tammy smiled. Kathy sipped the green stuff, liking the lime-aid taste and enjoying the gentle kick that followed. She turned her gaze out the window and took in the 18th story view, and continued, "That's not bad either. Beautiful lights. What's in the drink anyway?"

Tammy said, "This particular batch is lime kool-aid, lime schnapps, and vodka. Drink up - I've got lots more cooling in the sink."

They went through three more glasses as they chatted, very innocuously. Kathy was more than slightly nervous, and didn't have any idea of how to move the situation in the right direction. She was pretty sure that Tammy wasn't waiting for her to make the first move, so she wondered what was taking the beautiful woman so long.

Finally, at a natural lull in their conversation, Tammy looked into her eyes and leaned toward her. Caught in the moment, Kathy just sat there, staring back and waiting. When their lips finally touched, the moment caught fire and they wrapped their arms around each other, tongues thrusting into each others' mouths.

Years later - or maybe only minutes - the kiss ended. Tammy was sitting on Kathy's lap, and both were smiling and panting slightly. Kathy said impudently, "What took you so long?" To which Tammy replied, "Don't know, but I could kick myself for not doing it sooner."

They both chuckled at that, and then Kathy leaned forward and kissed Tammy back. Her hands boldly moved to the top of Tammy's dress, but grew hesitant upon touching the silky soft skin there. Tammy's hand closed over hers and pressed, encouraging Kathy to continue.

She continued to move her tongue in Tammy's mouth as her hand slowly moved down the slope of Tammy's breasts, moving from skin to the satin of her dress to cup one, pressing her palm against Tammy's nipple. Tammy moaned into the kiss, and Kathy squeezed her hand a little, and caressed the nipple, knowing now first hand how much pleasure that could generate. Tammy's continued moans encouraged her, and Kathy slipped her other arm around Tammy's waist, caressing her hip.

Tammy snuggled closer, running her hands along Kathy's sides and prolonging the kiss. On and on it went, both women kissing, and using their hands to excite the other one. Kathy, however, had something she figured Tammy didn't, and it was beginning to get uncomfortable as her cock tried to erect, squashed in her panties as it was. So, she broke the kiss gently and pulled her head back, looking into Tammy's wonderful eyes. "Do you think we could continue this somewhere a little more comfortable?"

"Sure," Tammy said as she slipped from Kathy's lap. She stood before the chair and reached behind her back, unzipping her dress. She shrugged her shoulders, and it slipped to the ground, revealing that she hadn't worn a bra (which Kathy had already figured out) and that her panties were ruby red and satin shiny under her smoky pantyhose.

She just stood there for a minute, grinning as Kathy stared. Then, she turned and hopped onto the bed, taking up a 'glamor' pose on her side, smiling. Kathy rose from the chair and slowly removed her blouse, tossing it onto the chair behind her. Then, she loosened her belt and opened her jeans. She turned her back to the bed as she slid them down so that she could arrange her cock in her panties, letting it stretch out some, while she got out of the jeans. She wiggled her rump in its pair of blue panties, grinning over her shoulder at Tammy before straightening up, putting the jeans on the chair too, and then turning around.

There was no way she could hide her erection - her panties were too sheer and not restrictive enough. But, at that moment, she wasn't thinking about the fact that she wasn't either a man or a woman. She wasn't thinking about whether or not Tammy would be pleased with the mixture she represented. She wasn't think about the fact that the magic (or whatever) that had transformed her had seemingly left her penis intact while changing absolutely everything else. She was just thinking about being in bed with her love, being so close to her...about finally having sex....

Tammy smiled and rolled closer to the edge of the bed when she saw the bulge in the blue panties. She said, "Come closer, darling," and Kathy took two steps forward, legs almost touching the bed. Tammy reached out a hand and touched the blue satin bulge, stroking two fingers along it and down between Kathy's legs. Kathy shivered while Tammy almost purred. "Very interesting underwear you have, dear. I knew there was something special from the first time I saw you..."

Kathy just stood there while her groin was caressed. She had never felt like this before - playing with herself had been nothing like this, and the feel of the panties on her cock was even more exciting. She was full of desires, flooded with feelings, and she had not idea what to do first - or even, in some cases, how to assuage some of the thirsts she seemed to have developed.

Tammy seemed to read the confusion in her face, because she rolled away from Kathy and said, "We've got all night, love. Why don't you come over here and get to know me better?" Kathy climbed onto the bed and knelt beside Tammy, looking at her body like it was some kind of salad bar. Tammy said, "You don't have to just look, love. Go ahead...touch too. I like being touched."

Kathy grinned at Tammy's gentle teasing and stretched out her hands, grabbing both wonderful breasts and squeezing them. Kathy had had very little actual experience with breasts before she had acquired a set of her own, and she had only had them for a day. She found them fascinating, and it was just as pleasurable fondling someone else's breasts as it was having hers caressed. Running her fingers all over them, she marveled at how soft the skin was. She circled her way to Tammy's nipples and pinched them lightly, shivering as Tammy gasped and lifted her hips involuntarily from the pleasure. On impulse, she bent down and licked the tip of one while she pinched the other. Tammy tossed her head and moaned again, her hips twitching. Kathy closed her lips around the little nubbin of flesh and sucked on it, drawing it and some of the breast into her mouth. She held the nipple between her teeth and flicked her tongue across its tip, then just sucked as much as she could into her mouth. Tammy was writhing by now, her face clenched in pleasure, one hand between her legs, one hand gripping Kathy's thigh with strong fingers. Little cries escaped her clenched teeth as Kathy continued to suck and lick the nipple, enjoying how much pleasure she was giving her love.

Following those impulses, she released the nipple and leaned across Tammy's body to suck in her other nipple. She caressed the breast with one hand, but she ran her other hand down Tammy's body until it found Tammy's hand between Tammy's legs. It explored, moving along her fingers, feeling pubic hair and wetness underneath satin and nylon. Tammy's hand retreated to clench at the sheets and Kathy slid her hands all the way inside Tammy's panties and into the one aspect of femininity that she hadn't been given by the magic of the emerald earring.

Cupping the mound she found there, she felt Tammy's pubic hair slightly coarse against her palm, as well as moistness and heat. Instinctively (rather than by impulse) she pressed her middle finger against Tammy's body and felt it slide easily between Tammy's nether lips. Incredible slickness allowed her finger to sink deep into Tammy, so that it was swiftly almost perpendicular to the rest of her hand. It took her a moment to realize that her finger was now inside of Tammy, and that realization made her bite just a little hard on the nipple in her mouth. Tammy cried out and short fingernails dug into her thigh as she felt a churning around her finger as Tammy's hips fairly danced. Seconds later, all tension left Tammy's body, and Kathy realized that she had just driven her love to her first orgasm.

Kathy let the nipple pop out of her mouth and she looked at Tammy, who was lying there with her eyes closed, a beatific smile on her face. After a moment like this, while Kathy stroked Tammy's breasts lightly, Tammy opened her eyes and said, "Very nice, love. Think you could do it again?"

Kathy nodded eagerly and bent down to lick the nipple again. Then she got an impulse that made her pantied cock throb. She abandoned the nipple and turned her attention fully between Tammy's legs. She withdrew her hand from Tammy's panties and used both hands to push both panties and hose down. Tammy lifted her hips, and then her legs, and soon the undergarments were tossed across the room. Kathy found herself between Tammy's legs when she put them back down, looking at the surprisingly light blond hair covering Tammy's pussy. She lowered herself to her stomach, face very close to Tammy's sex, and went exploring with her fingers.

Tammy spread her legs wide, spreading the outer lips apart slightly. Kathy spread them wider with her fingers, opening up the mysterious organ to her eyes. It was certainly more complicated than her own genitals - all folds and flaps, little bumps and deep holes. She ran her fingers around the slippery membranes, grazing them across the lump at the top of the inner folds and smiling when that made Tammy jump. She had heard of the clit, and didn't think that it was so hard to find. The other thing that all of those stories had lied about was the smell - there was no denying that there was a definite scent to the moist flesh she was only inches away from, but it neither smelled like fish, nor at all bad. In fact, Kathy wondered what it would taste like, so she stuck out her tongue and touched it to the clit, licking at it with a strong motion that made Tammy gasp again. She slurped her tongue back into her mouth and paused to analyze the taste of the pearly, slippery fluid on her tongue. A smile came to her face as she found that it had a faint tang to it, and it wasn't at all unpleasant. Scooting a little closer, she began to give Tammy's pussy a good going over with her whole mouth.

She licked and gently sucked on Tammy's clit for a while, until Tammy said somewhat breathlessly, "Honey, that feels just too gets sensitive after too much stimulation, but it only needs a short rest to be as good as new." So, Kathy licked downward some until she found Tammy's vagina. The first time her tongue went into it, Tammy squeezed her legs hard around Kathy's head, making strange little noises in her second orgasm of the night. Kathy started licking and probing again almost immediately, eager to give Tammy as many orgasms as she could.

Almost an hour later, Tammy weakly pushed Kathy's head away from her thoroughly pleasure-soaked pussy. There had been too many orgasms for Kathy to count, and though she was tired, her jaw ached, and her face felt almost glazed with excess juices, she was very proud of herself. She crawled up until she was lying beside Tammy, who turned her head and kissed Kathy deeply, slowly, and despite the mess on her face. She said, "That was as good as I've had in a very long time, Kath. Thank you. And, as soon as I rest up a little, I'm going to return the favor. Why don't you go freshen up while I recover? But throw me a damp towel first, okay?"

Half an hour, some freshening up, and two glasses of 'bug juice' (as Tammy called the green concoction) each later, Kathy was lying on her back on the bed, with Tammy, back in her red panties (but nothing else), kneeling beside her. Tammy leaned down and kissed her, pressing her breasts into Kathy's bra- encased chest. Tammy proceeded to kiss Kathy's cheek, down to her chin, across her neck to her ear, and down along her shoulder. She then moved down Kathy's chest, across the expanse of breast above her bra-line, and then to the covered nipple. Kathy giggled as Tammy's mouth pressed her bra into her nipple - it felt strange at first, but soon she was squirming her hips like Tammy had before.

Tammy slipped an arm around Kathy's back and lifted her upper body off of the bed with ease. A deft fingerflip, and Kathy's bra was unhooked and loose. Tammy slipped it off, and then just stared at the flesh revealed. With a murmured, "Such beauty," she bent back down and licked the same nipple she had licked before, this time directly. Kathy gasped this time - the feeling of a tongue, quickly followed by lips and the wetness of a mouth, was very much more pleasurable than pinching with fingers. There was a delicateness, a softness to the way that Tammy pleasured her nipple that was even more pleasurable at the moment that pinching fingers could have been. Her cock throbbed, and her hips churned, and she moaned, "Oh, Tammy!" over and over.

When Tammy switched to the other breast, the feelings generated were exactly the same, but the tension and excitement in her loins were building rapidly - there was a growing wet spot on her panties. Tammy didn't suck the other nipple as long as the first - after she ran a finger across Kathy's bulge and found the wet spot, she said, "We don't want you wasting your first load in your underwear, my love. I'd better transfer my attentions lower now."

Instead of maneuvering herself between the legs as Kathy had done, she just swiveled on her knees a bit so that she was facing 'south' instead of 'north'. She bent over again and licked at the bulging panties, again creating sensations Kathy had never felt before as the sheer fabric of the panties was pressed into her cock, caressing it just as much as the tongue did. When the front of the panties were soaking wet, revealing even better the cock they didn't quite contain, Tammy pulled away enough to hook her thumbs in the waistband and start pushing them off. Kathy obliged by lifting her hips, and her blue panties joined the pile of lingerie in a corner of the room. Tammy caressed Kathy's cock and said, "Oh, very nice. Not too big, and not too small. And so deliciously little hair!"

A small, soft hand started to caress Kathy's shaft, holding it straight up. Tammy's lips descended and a tongue tip was teasingly drawn across the super sensitive glans, causing Kathy to moan loudly. Another hand drifted across Kathy's thigh and then down to cup her balls, holding them carefully, the heat of Tammy's hand sending even more heat into Kathy's loins. Tammy's lips followed her tongue into contact with the cock head and, with the tongue still licking and teasing, the lips opened and the mouth slowly engulfed Kathy's cock.

Keith had never had a blow job before. Kathy cursed her former male self for denying himself this much pleasure. She watched her cock disappearing into Tammy's mouth and the sight was easily as stimulating as the sensations created by Tammy's tongue, lips, and the moistness of her mouth. She felt the lips as they worked their way down her shaft, and even though her glans was the major source of her tactile pleasure, the lips felt good too. Tammy's hand, displaced by her lips, started to caress Kathy's stomach while her other hand slid down under Kathy's hips, caressing tender flesh.

Kathy was swiftly being overwhelmed by pleasure. She rested a hand on one of Tammy's silk-clad cheeks, and clutched the sheets with the other. Her head rocked slowly further and further back, and she thought her nipples would harden so much that they would pop right off of her breasts. She felt her balls begin to contract, and everywhere that Tammy touched her body, she felt electricity spark through her. Tammy's hand caressed her ass-cheeks, and her head moved up and down over Kathy's cock, her tongue working across the glans again and again. Ecstasy grew, getting away from her before she even thought to try to contain it. She panted, gasped, 'I'm cumming,' and a second later her cock was pulsing out its white load into Tammy's accepting mouth.

Continued stimulation kept Kathy in the clouds for a long time. Her body was washed again and again by pleasure as her thighs and breasts were caressed, and her cock was held and licked inside of Tammy's mouth. Even after the actual spasms stopped, the pleasure continued for far longer than it had ever stretched before. And, when the waves got farther and farther apart, somehow Tammy knew and she turned and cuddled up to Kathy, and started sucking on her nipple which started another cycle of pleasure waves. By the time that they ended altogether, she was fast asleep, a smile of complete contentment on her face.

When she woke up, she thought that she was still orgasming. Then, she realized that the pleasure she was feeling was just Tammy stroking her cock, which had erected while she was asleep. She opened her eyes to see Tammy sitting on her knees by her hips, smiling sweetly. Tammy had one hand on Kathy's cock, and one between her legs, which were now pantiless. She caught Kathy's eye, and said, "We've each given the other pleasure. This time, we'll do it at the same time. Do you have a favorite position, love?"

Keith hadn't exactly had the opportunity to develop a 'favorite position'. Kathy was still a little tired from her previous orgasm, so she said, "Well, not exactly...but I'm really comfortable right now..."

With a wicked grin, Tammy said, "Talk about coincidences - i just happen to adore the female superior position." With that, she swung her leg over Kathy's middle, straddling the reclining she-male. She reached behind her, rising up on her knees and moving back slightly. Kathy felt Tammy take hold of her cock and then she felt it's head come in contact with a furnace-hot wetness. Tammy said, "Ah ..." as she teased both of them by running Kathy's cock up and down her slit. After rubbing it a few times over her clit, making them both moan, and feeling it throb in her hand, she slid it back and pushed back with her hips. Kathy felt the head part the folds of her inner lips and begin to enter. Tammy sighed, and settled back some more. Kathy shuddered as her cock was engulfed by pressure and wetness, feeling it delve deeper and deeper inside of her love. Soon Tammy was resting her rump delicately on Kathy's thighs, sitting on Kathy's cock to the hilt.

After resting like that for a moment, savoring the feeling of the cock within her, Tammy began to rock her hips back and forth. Immediately, Kathy started to moan as the friction began to fire pleasure into her brain. She just lay there for a bit, clutching at the sheets as her cock was pleasured, and then she reached up and took hold of Tammy's breasts and started to caress them, flicking her nipples and fondling her smooth, creamy flesh. Tammy moaned in return, giving a little gasp each time Kathy flicked her nipples. She was concentrating on her hip motion, moving just enough to get the full benefit of Kathy's length, not wasting anything. Kathy started to rock her own hips somewhat involuntarily, caught up in the moment - Tammy adapted instantly, keeping the rhythm going.

Kathy felt her orgasm coming on, far too soon for her own liking. She did what she could to forestall it, but didn't have too much faith in her multiplication tables - she hoped that with practice, she'd get better at lasting longer. Tammy had yet to cum, though, and she knew that once she got her own rocks off, she would have trouble doing the same for her lover, so she knew she had to increase her efforts to bring Tammy to orgasm, and quickly.

She dropped a hand from one of Tammy's breasts to the juncture of their bodies. She slid it along Tammy's belly, and then groin, until she could feel pubic hair. She twisted her hand then, and probed for Tammy's clit. When she found it, she began to rub it, pressing it against her thrusting cock, flicking her thumb across it, stimulating it in any way she could. She could feel her hand cramping all ready from the difficult position she was twisting it into, so she moved her hips faster, trying to push her love over the edge of ecstasy.

Kathy knew she had succeeded both by the clenching of Tammy's cunt around her cock, and by the scream of pleasure the blond let out. Surprisingly enough, though, her hips didn't stop their rocking at all. Kathy switched hands, finding that her left hand worked better in the awkward position required to stimulate Tammy's clit, and Tammy began her second orgasm before she was quite through with her first one. Hips locked in sync, the two lovers fucked faster and faster, the blond on top wailing, now louder now softer as each orgasm peaked inside her, the brunette on the bottom gasping almost in time as her orgasm drew ever nearer.

Kathy actually lasted longer than she had thought she would - by the time she exploded, she had managed to drive Tammy almost crazy with pleasure. Kathy's orgasm was the best she had ever experienced in either of her incarnations - flashes of light, stars, rockets exploding, her mind rushing out of her body through her penis and into heaven ... Her groan of pleasure came from her soul and rattled the windows, triggering a final eruption in Tammy as well. She drew her lover down on top of her, holding Tammy close as both of them lost consciousness from pleasure overload.

Kathy woke up some time later, briefly. She found that somehow in their sleep, the two of them had worked themselves into a tangle of limbs that was so comfortable that she hadn't even realized it. She smiled at the blond in the light of the digital clock, and leaned over to kiss her love. Then, smiling beatifically, she fell back asleep.

Sunlight in her eyes woke her up at just about the same time Tammy awoke. They were still in the same position that Kathy had found them in when she woke last time, and she found it a wonderful way to wake up. She almost purred as she kissed Tammy again, this time getting some tongue action in return. Hands began to wander, and she could feel her cock beginning to stir against Tammy's thigh.

Tammy's bright laugh broke the kiss, and she said, "I can see - or feel, at least - that you're not completely worn out by our fun last night. Why don't we shower together and see what kind of fun we can generate this morning?"

Showering with Tammy proved to be a long and drawn out process that involved them each getting soaped up and rinsed off about half a dozen times each, as well as several activities not normally associated with a bathtub.

Thoroughly awake, completely clean, and rather satiated, Kathy walked out of the bathroom with Tammy, both of their heads wrapped in towels, to realize that she really didn't want to put on the clothes she had worn yesterday. She hadn't, of course, brought anything else, so she ended up borrowing one of Tammy's robes (it wasn't exactly 'decent', considering the disparity in their sizes, but it covered most everything) and walking back to her room with a dressed Tammy in tow. Resisting the fleeting thought of trying out her bed and/or bath with her love, she dressed in her 'normal' con clothes - jeans and a t-shirt - and she and Tammy went off to lunch.

Kathy was astonished by the number of people who waved, hugged, or otherwise greeted Tammy as they walked through the halls on their way to the hotel's least expensive restaurant. At every opportunity, Tammy introduced her to her friends, and she found herself greeted as enthusiastically as Tammy had been. In one lounge they encountered a group of her friends who were just gearing up to do lunch themselves, and Kathy found herself attached to the group as they went across the street and down two blocks to a Denny's.

Even though she only knew Tammy in the group of 8 people, she didn't feel left out at all. She talked with more self-confidence than she ever had before - in fact, when she thought of how Keith would have reacted in this situation (namely, he would have eaten silently and listened carefully, speaking only when asked a question), she was even more glad that the emerald earring had altered her. By the end of lunch, she had found herself 7 new friends, most of whom were from her own home town, or very close, and who shared many of her interests even besides Science Fiction.

It was still before noon when they got back to the hotel, so as the lunch group broke up to go their several ways - to the gaming room, to the dealers' room, to the pool, etc. - Kathy and Tammy settled into a couch in a lounge and studied the program booklet. They chose several things to do during the afternoon - three panels, one movie, and the art show just before dinner. It was surprisingly easy to chose the panels, too - Tammy's interests were close enough to Kathy's that they only had to choose between two different panels happening at the same time. And though they could have split up for that hour, Kathy decided to try something new and gave in to Tammy's preference. She found that she wasn't sorry - the panel turned out to be very interesting after all.

Kathy found her enjoyment of the convention increased at least a hundred-fold in the company of Tammy. She could finally tell someone what she thought of an attractive hall costume (or person within the costume), or how she enjoyed a discussion panel. When they moved on to the art show, she found that she really liked having someone to discuss the paintings with - someone to bounce her likes and dislikes off of, someone to listen to as they did the same with her: someone to share with.

They came eventually to the painting Keith had bid on - the cat-woman version of Tammy by the Robinson person. Fortunately, she as Keith had just used his first initial on the bid-sheet - she intended to tell Tammy everything about who she was and how she had come to be like this, but the middle of the art show wasn't the place. Her bid hadn't been topped, but there was still another day until the auction, so it wasn't hers yet.

"So, you like 'Tigress' enough to bid on it?" Tammy said, standing before the painting with her arm around Kathy's waist. "Andy sure does good work."

Kathy said, "Well, it was more the choice of model, though I do like the painting style very much. Um, who is Andy?"

"Randal Robinson is the artist - he never signs his first name though, and he prefers to be called Andy. He's a very good friend of mine, and he's from our home town, too. Say, would you like to meet him? He's at the convention - he doesn't like to sell his work if he's not present. I promised to have dinner with him one night - we could do it tonight. He and I are very good friends - casual lovers, in fact - and I have a feeling you'd like him very much. And I know he'd like you ..."

Kathy blushed, wondering just what kind of 'like' Tammy meant. She said, "Well, um, sure - that sounds cool. Has he done any other paintings of you?"

They started moving again, having only covered half of the art show. "He's done exactly three of me so far. One before we became lovers - it was a regular nude, though what he did with the background made it suitable for an art show like this. Someone bought it at a local con two years ago. Then, he did one after our first time - that one I have in my bedroom. And third, when our 'romance' cooled and we became just lovers and not 'in love', he did 'Tigress'. I hope you get it, love. but if you don't, I'm sure that I can convince Andy to do another one ... and I have just the pose for it, too ..." Her wicked grin made Kathy grin in return, and she kissed her love right there in front of a spaceship painting.

Tammy called Andy from a house phone (she knew he would be in his room as he was putting the finishing touches on another painting) and found that he hadn't made any plans for dinner yet - in fact, he had forgotten all about eating so far. Kathy, listening with her cheek pressed against Tammy's, heard him discussing evening plans with a man who seemed to be his model, and she wondered with a little thrill whether the man had been posing nude. Apparently, the model had plans with some friends for dinner and later, so Andy made asked Tammy to come on up in about half an hour to give him time to clean up and take a shower, and they could be on their way to food.

It was easy to kill the half hour - Tammy wandered through the halls until she found a group of friends in a lounge, whereupon she joined them, introduced Kathy, and started talking. Again, Kathy found it very easy to talk to these strangers and even though this particular group was not from home, she had still made a set of friends to seek out next time she was at a convention.

They knocked on Andy's door exactly half an hour from the moment Tammy had hung up the phone - even though it had been difficult breaking off the lounge conversation, Tammy said that she was always as punctual as possible even though most of her friends weren't nearly so clock-oriented. As we rode up the elevator she said that this sometimes bothered her, but at least it could never be said that she made someone late, and she had to settle for that.

The door was opened by a young man with slightly oriental features and very black hair that was very wet at the moment. His torso was deliciously bare and hairless and glistening with a sheen of water droplets. The towel he held wrapped around his middle was soaked in back at least, molding to his hard, taught buns. Kathy found herself breathless looking into his hazel eyes and friendly smile - he was absolutely gorgeous!

Tammy laughed and pushed him back into the room, saying, "Late as usual, eh, Andy? Get back in the bathroom now and finish dressing - if I introduce you to my new friend with you in that state, we'll never get to dinner." Andy's blush and smile was nearly as devastating as Tammy's was, and Kathy had to be led to the bed as she stared at the closed bathroom door as if she had x-ray glasses and was watching what was going on behind it.

Eventually, Andy - drier, and wearing a polo shirt and black jeans, his hair combed back - emerged from the bathroom and rummaged around in one of the drawers, coming up with a pair of socks. He sat in one of the chairs and put on his shoes and socks, then stood and said, "Okay, am I presentable to your new friend now?"

Tammy stood and hugged Andy, then turned and lifted Kathy to her feet. "Kathy, this is Andy, artist extrordinaire and chronically late. Andy, this is Kathy, my newest lover, with whom I am most definitely in love."

Blushing at the compliment, Kathy held out her hand to Andy, who took it and raised it to his lips just like a medieval courtier. "My pleasure, I'm sure," he said, looking at her intensely and smiling broadly. She could feel the heat of his lips on the back of her hand, and that heat seemed to travel into her body, making her nipples tingle and her cock start to twitch again. The moment stretched, and Kathy was just about to fling herself into Andy's arms when Tammy cleared her throat and said, "Okay you two, let's save that for later."

Giggling nervously, Kathy pulled her hand away from Andy's loosened grip and turned away. She noticed the easel in the corner, covered by a cloth, and she was just about to ask if she could see it when Tammy said, "We should get moving, folks - if we are early enough we won't have to battle the dinner crowd for seats - I hate waiting in line."

They walked out of Andy's room with Tammy in the middle and both Kathy and Andy with their arms wrapped around Tammy's middle. Of course, this made their arms touch, and Kathy could almost feel electricity arcing into her from where that forearm touched hers. She had never felt this kind of lust before - with Tammy, there had been more than lust involved - and it made her both giddy and nervous, not in the least because Andy was quite male. Despite her reaction to the Limey last night, Andy made her nervous as he made her horny. Probably because the Limey wasn't approachable, while Andy seemed as interested in her as she was in him. She wondered what would happen after dinner.

They exited the hotel from its 'back door' and walked two blocks down and three blocks over to a steak house that was well recommended but not too ritzy to let in a couple of people in very casual attire. The mean was wonderful, and the conversation was too. The three of them talked like they had known each other for ages, and while this was true of Andy and Tammy, Kathy found that she didn't have any problem joining in, nor did she feel as if she was intruding on their interaction - they both listened attentively to her, responding to her comments, drawing her out on points that they found interesting. And she found herself doing the same with them. She learned a lot about both of them, and felt herself draw even closer to Tammy even as she started to develop deeper feelings than lust toward the beautiful artist.

They lingered over dessert - the raspberry tart was heavenly! - talking and laughing and getting closer. They decided to vacate their table when they realized that the restaurant had filled up dramatically, and they left a nice tip for their waiter who hadn't rushed them out even though it was obvious that their table was needed (well, the fact that he was cute didn't hurt either). They wandered back to the hotel, still talking, and found themselves eventually back in Andy's room sitting on the beds and still talking. Kathy and Tammy sat on one, arms around each others' waist, while Andy half-reclined on the other. In a brief lull, Kathy asked, "So, what's the subject of your painting over there?"

Andy rolled off the bed and stood by the easel. "Well, it's not quite finished, but it's close enough to show. I met Jeff the first night here, in the pool. It didn't take much to get him to pose nude for me - of course, his swimsuit was so small and sheer that I almost didn't need him to! Anyway, here's the painting - it would be done by now except that our second posing session was cut a little short by his erection - in trying to get it to go down, we kind of lost track of time, and by the time he was ready to pose again, he had to be somewhere else. " He grinned as he told his little story, and Kathy found herself excited by it - she wondered what he and Jeff had looked like, going at it together in this very room ...

Andy removed the cloth covering the painting, revealing a strikingly handsome young man of an aqueous derivation - he had gills and fins at his wrists and ankles, but was otherwise very human. Some of the background detail was still lacking, but there was enough there to see that the young mer-man was swimming through an ocean somewhere. His nakedness was natural, not crass - the picture was very well done, and Kathy hoped she'd get to meet the model, if only to see how well Andy had captured him. Judging from the portrait of Tammy, he knew he had skill in that department.

Andy returned to the bed, this time on his stomach. He said, "So, got any plans for the evening? There's going to be a dance in the main hall, and of course there are room parties as usual ..."

Tammy said, "Well, I do like to dance, but I can dance any time. The room parties tend to be far too smoky and noisy to be much fun, and these hotel rooms aren't much good for large parties. However, I can think of a smaller party - of say three? - that these rooms are just the right size for ..."

Andy's eyes lit up, but it took Kathy a moment to realize what Tammy was suggesting. Even though her first impulse was to rip off her clothes and jump on Andy, her second response was to be afraid. She said, "Um, Tammy, could we talk privately for a moment?"

"Of course, love," Tammy said with concern in her voice. "Why don't you go and get us some refreshments, Andy - and take your time, okay?"

Andy, also concerned, nodded and rolled off the bed. He slipped his feet back into his docksiders and padded out of the room, leaning down to kiss Tammy and give Kathy a shoulder-squeeze as he passed.

When the door clunked closed behind him, Kathy turned to Tammy, pulling away a little, and said, "Tammy, I - I've got something to tell you. I've been meaning to for a little while, but this situation requires it because you wouldn't understand why I'm hesitant about a little threesome with Andy otherwise. You see, two days ago, I didn't have breasts ..."

She took her time and told Tammy everything, but there wasn't all that much to tell. At first, Tammy didn't really believe it, and it didn't help that when Kathy went to show Tammy her driver's license, the picture and name and stats had all changed to reflect her new body. She scrabbled through her wallet (which was a man's, though that didn't prove anything as Tammy's wallet was also a man's) for some kind of proof of her former identity - she was glad the spell had taken care of details like her driver's license but wished it had taken just a little longer to do it - and finally came up with her old college ID. For some reason (because it was expired?) it hadn't changed, and it showed the old Keith on it. Though there wasn't much resemblance between that picture and the person sitting next to Tammy on the bed, Tammy believed the story.

"So you see, before yesterday I never had a homosexual thought," Kathy continued, getting to the root of the problem finally. "Before seeing the Limey dance, I'd never even thought about the male body as being sexy - well, I don't remember doing so, anyway, though there was the time at the lake ... Anyway, so here I am in love with a beautiful woman and lusting like you wouldn't believe after a gorgeous man! My body has changed, my personality has changed - has my sexuality changed too? And what has it changed to? Andy is just so - so - fantastic! From the first moment he kissed my hand, I've been fantasizing about him - but I don't love you any less, and the thought of all three of us in bed together sends my mind reeling with fascination ... but there's still that confusion, that fear ..."

Tammy thought for a few moments, formulating her response. Finally she said, "Okay, love. I'm glad you told me about your transformation, though it doesn't change a thing about what I feel for you. In fact, though I'm not at all sorry you did get transformed, I'm kind of sorry that I hadn't met you before it happened - maybe I would have been able to transform you without magic. And maybe not - maybe the earring is the right way. Anyway.

"Your dilemma is not unique. You should know that there are many bisexuals in the world - Andy is one, as you must realize having heard from me that he is my sometime lover, and from him that he seduced Jeff right here in this room. I'm one too - I have to say that you are definitely a fantasy of mine, having breasts and a cock all in one package. That's not, however, why I love you. What you need to do is free yourself of your fears of being homosexual - there's nothing wrong with being other than straight. You find yourself getting turned on by Andy - what could be wrong with that? Even if you no longer got turned on by me, it still wouldn't be wrong, but I don't think that's the case, is it? So, think of yourself as a bisexual she-male. Accept the affection, fucking, and love that Andy has to give - he's very good in bed, very gentle and supportive of a virgin; I've seen him with several of either sex. Accept what Andy wants to give to you in the same way you accept what I give you. Love is love, my love - it matters not the form it is clothed in, or what genitals its giver has. If you find Andy exciting, then be excited by him. There's nothing at all wrong with what you are feeling - how could there be? Okay, love?"

Kathy let Tammy's words sink in. They certainly made sense. As she thought about them, let their meaning unlock thoughts of her own, she felt a weight lifting from her shoulders. She was bisexual. It was that simple. And even if that label didn't exactly fit, she certainly was turned on by Tammy and by Andy, and that was close enough. She decided that what she was feeling was right, and with that, she leaned close to Tammy and said, just before she kissed her lover, "I hope he hurries back!"

Andy's return found Tammy naked with Kathy (still fully clothed) between her legs licking away. Andy set the sodas, chips and dips on the table and sat on the other bed, grinning in fascination at the sight before him. After a moment of staring, he nervously cleared his throat - neither of the girls had yet acknowledged his existence, and he didn't want to be a 'peeping Tom' without their consent. When Tammy's head turned to him and her eyes opened (Kathy just flicked her fingers to him, keeping her attention focused on the task at hand), he said, "So, did you two get everything worked out?"

Tammy nodded and opened her mouth to say something, but at that moment, Kathy pushed two fingers inside of her and nipped down on her clit, and she exploded in orgasm, a scream of pleasure coming out of her open mouth. Andy grinned, and leaned back, waiting for the moment to end.

Tammy's scream turned into gasps as the pleasure faded, and she relaxed completely, her arms and legs, which had tensed and curled up a little, falling back flat on the bed. Kathy raised her head from between Tammy's legs and smiled at Andy, and said, "Welcome back, Andy. Care to join us?" Then, she sat up and licked her lips, slurping in the juices coating them while she rubbed Tammy's thigh with one hand and stared intensely, hungrily, at Andy's body.

Tammy sat up too, after a moment, and said, "Yes, please do, lover. I think that you'll like the little surprise Kathy has in store for you. In fact, why don't you unwrap your present while I nip into the bathroom and freshen up a bit?"

She rolled off the bed and padded into the bathroom as Andy rose to his feet to stand in front of the seated Kathy. She found herself staring at the bulging crotch of his jeans, and her lip-licking took on a different meaning.

Andy reached down to caress her cheek, finding a little wetness by her chin and bringing it to his lips, savoring the flavor of Tammy's juices. He smiled, and said, "She sure tastes good, huh?" Kathy smiled at that, and nodded. Andy reached down again and pulled on her shoulder to get her to stand. He was standing so close that when she complied, she ended up pressed against him. They put their arms around each other and the kiss was completely natural. Hands roaming up and down backs, tongues probing and playing, both sighing with sensual pleasure. They might have spent much longer like that had Tammy not cleared her throat just then. They both looked over to see the pretty, naked blond leaning against the bathroom's doorjamb, a grin on her face.

"You haven't unwrapped your package yet, Andy-doll," she said. "Don't you want to see her surprise?"

Andy stepped back (because Kathy couldn't) and reached to the hem of her t- shirt. "May I?" he asked.

At Kathy's nod, he began to lift her t-shirt, drawing it slowly up her body. She raised her arms and pulled them out of the shirt, and soon he had slipped it off of her head, leaving her standing there in a lacy purple bra and jeans. He murmured, "Nice ..." as he tossed the t-shirt across the room and ran his hands down from her shoulders to the tips of her breasts. His hands were warm, and smooth, tender as they caressed, yet knowing as he palmed her nipples and squeezed her gently through her bra. She shivered with pleasure, her breathing quickening slightly.

He stooped and unfastened her jeans, opening them enough the to see the top edge of her purple panties. Tammy spoke up then with, "Turn around, Kath - don't want to surprise him too soon." Kathy grinned as she turned, and then gasped as he caressed her buns through her jeans before pulling the jeans down slowly. When they were puddled around her ankles, he lifted each foot out of them, kissing her ass through the panties as he did so (since his mouth was right there anyway) and then tossed them aside as he stood again.

Then, he stepped up close to her and put his arms around her waist from behind, bending his head slightly and breathing warmly into her ear. She leaned back against him, feeling his solid body behind her, most especially that bulge in his jeans pressing into her buns. Now that she was letting herself, she found that she was very eager to see the cause of that bulge - see it, touch it, taste it, and feel it in various intimate places ...

His hands moved up from her waist to her breasts, and he started to lick at her earlobe as he played with her nipples. She moaned softly, and rubbed her ass across his groin, reaching an arm around behind her to squeeze one of his cheeks and then pull his hips closer to hers. He laughed and pressed closer himself, complementing her rubbing with a slight motion of his own.

Andy moved his nibbling action to her neck, and Kathy felt the nips of his teeth and the rasp of his tongue as acutely as if he had been playing with one of her nipples. She gasped and shuddered, and ground her ass into his crotch. She heard Tammy's chuckle and looked over at her, standing there naked and watching. When Tammy pointed, she looked down and saw the massive tent her cock was making in her purple panties, and she laughed too.

Andy's nibbling turned into an intent sucking as he worked on a hickey right on the side of her neck. Kathy shivered from the heat generated by his biting and sucking, and ran a hand up to his cheek, and then to his hair, running her fingers through his thick but soft locks. Andy slowly dropped a hand from her nipple to her stomach, and then slid it down and around to the edge of her panties. He first encountered the edge at her hip, and he slid his hand along it around back, and then down her cheek and back up the outside of her hip. Then, he traced the edge around to her stomach where he noticed that it was pulled away from her skin. He slid his fingers along her skin downward, not having to move panties out of his way and curious as to why.

The back of his hand encountered Kathy's cock as it worked itself under its arch just about the time his fingers started to touch pubic hair. He turned his hand, and closed it about familiar tubular flesh, and stroked his way up to its tip, encountering consistently familiar configurations that formed an image of a healthy cock in his mind. He pulled himself away from the mysterious woman, leaving a large, purple bruise on her neck, and turned her around slowly, going to his knees. He saw the tenting of the purple panties, and he saw, through the wispy fabric of those panties just what was causing the tenting. He reached up and gently pulled the panties down partway, freeing the cock that grew from the groin of Tammy's lover.

He closed his hand about its root, and leaned over to place a kiss upon its flared head. He looked around the wide hip the cock was framed by and winked at Tammy. "Very nice surprise, dear. You have such luck, you know?" Returning his attention to what was in his hand, he started to lick down by his hand, working his tongue around and around the shaft until it reached the head. Then, rather than lick that head, he just popped it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around and around as he pressed his head down, taking more and more of that cock inside.

Kathy all but swooned as Andy sucked down her cock - in fact, before those moving lips had reached more than halfway down her shaft, her knees gave way and she collapsed backwards onto the bed with a loud moan.

Tammy moved over to the bed and kissed Kathy while Andy removed Kathy's panties and helped her move into a better position on the bed for a continuation of the blow job. When her ass was properly positioned on the edge of the bed, and Andy was properly positioned between them, he started to lick and kiss her very hard cock again, his hands beginning to caress her groin, stroking her smooth skin, combing fingers through her pubic hair, rubbing gently along her thighs.

Tammy, meanwhile, was still kneeling by Kathy's head. She deftly unhooked the front-closure of Kathy's purple bra and, peeling its halves back, bared Kathy's breasts. She bent down and closed her lips around one pink-rose nipple, sucking on it, biting lightly at it, licking its tip rapidly back and forth. Kathy moaned, and then groaned and threw back her head as she was assaulted by sensations from her cock and groin, and her nipple. Then, she realized that Tammy's breasts were right there over her face, so she craned her neck up and stuck out her tongue to lick at Tammy's nipple. The blond moaned softly and dropped her back so that her breasts were more easily available to Kathy.

She drew one of Tammy's nipples into her mouth more firmly and sucked on it lightly, trying to concentrate on moving her tongue carefully against the firm nubbin of flesh in an effort to keep the floods of sensations her two lovers were inundating her with at bay. Andy's hands moving about her groin, caressing and stroking her, were sending almost as much pleasure into her brain as the sensations of his lips and tongue on her cock. And, it almost seemed as if her nipples were sending more pleasure through her as Tammy licked and sucked one and pinched and rolled the other. Her whole body was tingling, and she was moaning continually as she suckled Tammy's breast. To further distract herself, she pushed an arm up over her head and found Tammy's leg. Then, she followed that leg up to Tammy's groin and started caressing her lips and clit. If she could have reached Andy's groin from her position she would have, but as she couldn't she concentrated on trying to give pleasure to Tammy and prolong the pleasure being given to her by staving off her orgasm.

And it worked, for a while, though Andy's expert abilities with respect to oral ministrations played quite a part in the duration of the blow job as well. But eventually the pleasure overwhelmed her, colors exploding behind her eyes, electric shocks leaping from her nipples and cockhead, ripples of tickling fire washing across her skin again and again, and then her entire body went rigid as her groin muscles contracted, her balls jumped, and her semen rushed through her cock and into Andy's mouth in pulse after pulse. Andy swallowed each pulse expertly, continuing his hands' motion but ceasing the movement of his head. Tammy continued to lick and suck Kathy's nipples even though the rigidity of Kathy's body ended the massaging she had been getting in return, at least for the moment.

Andy kept his lips closed around Kathy's cock until every last drop of her spend was in his stomach. Then, with a quick motion that stimulated her almost over-sensitive cock head, he released her cock from his mouth and rested his head on her thigh, licking his lips and smiling. Tammy also stopped playing with Kathy's nipples, letting the she-male relax and recover from her orgasm. She dropped to the bed beside Kathy, and stroked her hand through Kathy's hair, murmuring sweet nothings into the ear of the almost- asleep brunette.

Even after her breathing had returned to normal and the overwhelming pleasure had faded to a pleasant warm glow, Kathy just lay there. She loved the feel of Tammy murmuring into her ear and stroking her hair. She loved the feel of Andy's cheek on her thigh, warm breath gliding along her skin, his hands idly stroking up and down her leg. It was such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by such gentleness and caring - almost better than the sex itself! (But only almost.)

Eventually, though, she remembered that her two lovers hadn't yet had their own orgasms. She reached up and pulled Tammy's lips over to hers and kissed her, then sat up with a little groan and pulled Andy up from his crouch to kiss him too. "Thank you, both of you, for an amazing experience! But, I think that its my turn to return some of the pleasure."

Tammy, after flinging Kathy's discarded bra off the bed, said, "Tell you what, love. Since Andy here is the only one of us still dressed, why don't we have him do us a little strip-tease while you and I watch. I'm sure we'll think of something to do once he's buck naked like us, right?"

A brief flurry of activity resulted in Kathy getting somewhat toweled off and repositioned sitting up by the head of the bed, Tammy leaning against her front, though not sitting on her lap. Andy produced a portable tape player and picked out a tape, and when the women were ready he took up a position at the end of the bed and pushed 'play'.

While he didn't have the artistry of the Limey, he certainly had spirit, and the erotic nature of the setting excited Kathy as much as the Limey's raw talent had. She had one hand wrapped around Tammy's chest, playing with her nipples, and her other hand was buried between Tammy's legs, caressing her inner lips, massaging her clit, and plunging deep inside of her. Both sets of eyes were riveted on the man dancing to the rock music that filled the room, staring as the polo shirt came off slowly, revealing browned skin that had just a touch of muscle definition and no hair on it at all. He danced bare- chested for a little, muscles moving beneath smooth skin, his sleek chest only a little wider than his narrow waist, his strong arms moving around him, running up and down his torso like he was caressing himself.

His hands moved to his belt buckle and soon his belt was flying across the room. He unbuttoned his jeans and opened the fly, peeling back the edges to show his light green bikini briefs bulging hugely. He turned around and wiggled his ass at the two women, and slowly took down his jeans, bumping and grinding all the while. He stepped out of one leg and kicked the jeans out of the way with the other, and then pranced about like that, still with his small, tight ass toward the two women.

Kathy was breathing as heavily as Tammy, even though Tammy was the only one who was being physically fondled. Tammy, it's true, was moaning too, and her leg was propped up giving Kathy more complete access to her cunt which was sopping wet, both from Andy's show and Kathy's fingers. But Kathy's arousal was somewhat caused by Tammy's reactions to her, but more by Andy's dance - his body, the way he moved, the energy in his dance, just by his being here and being turned on enough by Kathy to dance for her.

Finally, Andy turned around, his erection making an obvious bulge in his briefs. His hands massaged around his groin, cupping his bulge sometimes, bending over and rubbing his asscheeks sometimes. His thumbs went under the tops of his briefs right at the center of his stomach, and he pulled down the fronts until just his brief black bush was visible. After teasing the women with that, grinning and grinding his hips to the music, he let the briefs snap back up. He grinned wider as both women groaned at that and just danced some more, his strong legs, as hairless as his arms and chest, flexing and moving with sensual grace. He turned around again, and peeled his briefs down over his ass, revealing cheeks that were a shade or two lighter than the rest of his tanned body. This time, though, he didn't just tease - he slipped the briefs down to the bottoms of his cheeks and danced like that for a little, cheeks flexing and moving, underlined by a roll of green cloth. He turned before removing them entirely, revealing that they were caught on his erection in front, hiding it. Rocking his hips from side to side to the powerful backbeat of the song currently playing, Andy slipped the briefs over the root of his cock and, snapping his hips together and bending swiftly, giving only the briefest glimpse of the shaft so freed as he removed his underwear and kicked them aside. Then, moving to the music still, he straightened up and struck a pose, fully exposed, as by design or chance the song ended with a flourish.

Kathy removed her hands from Tammy to applaud vigorously, echoed by Tammy, as she stared at the one part of the artist she hadn't seen yet. His groin was almost completely hairless, just sporting a brief, soft-looking bush of black hair about the base of his cock. That cock was ... well, pretty - long, straight, clean lined, with a flaring head of a pinkish hue. Kathy was no judge of size by sight, but she thought it wasn't much longer than her own, though possibly thicker. His balls hung below the cock, pink and hairless. The whole thing made her mouth water - she wanted to taste it, to feel it within her mouth, touch it, stroke it, love it ...

Andy was moving toward the pair on the bed, but Kathy was moving too. She met him halfway, on hands and knees on the edge of the bed, one hand out and grabbing at his erection. She pulled him in close and started licking his cock eagerly, starting with the pink head and working down to the furred root. This being her first time, she was using more enthusiasm than skill, but there was certainly some natural talent as well (or just a very good memory for what Andy had done with her cock, perhaps).

Tammy chuckled, not at all miffed at being 'abandoned' by her love for the boy-toy Andy's cock. She moved over to the kneeling brunette and started caressing her back and ass. She slid a hand around her waist to her cock dangling down hard and stroked it. Then, she lay on her back and slid herself under Kathy, craning her neck to catch the bobbing cock in her lips and sucking on it. Kathy gasped and slid her knees apart, lowering her hips for Tammy's convenience. Tammy swallowed more of the cock, and slid a hand down to her own crotch, continuing the stimulation Kathy had begun during the show.

Kathy had licked down, and then back up, Andy's cock and as Tammy licked her cock she opened her lips and took Andy's cock into her mouth. He had tasted - well, neutral, except for some saltiness at the very tip, but licking it and feeling him respond to the pleasure had been very exciting. Now, she wanted to know what he would feel like in his mouth, so she started sliding her lips down lower and lower, feeling his skin move over her lips and teeth, moved her tongue around and over the shaft until her mouth was too filled to move her tongue anymore. She took enough to feel the head against the back of her mouth, and she saw there was plenty more to ingest. She pressed her head forward again, flattening our her tongue and trying to take the cock into her throat like she had seen in those pictures and read about. But, as she felt the thickness at the back of her mouth and against the back of her tongue, this irresistible urge hit her and her stomach seemed to rebel, clenching tight and sending a spasm all the way up to her throat. She pulled back and thought, "So that's the gag reflex - I'm going to have to practice to get over that, but not right now ..." She ran her fingers through Andy's bush as she pulled back farther, marveling at the softness of his pubic hair.

Tammy released Kathy's cock and said, "You know, we've been doing a whole lot of oral things, leaving a whole other form of sexual expression untouched. Now, I'm not a traditionalist or anything, but I think these two nice cocks should find something to do below the waist, don't you?"

Kathy laughed and rolled onto her side, releasing Andy. Andy laughed too, and said, "Sure! Why don't you set things up, since you like being in charge so much." His grin took any sting that might have been in the words away.

"If you insist," laughed Tammy. "Well, let's see. I think that the best thing to do would be to have Kathy fuck me while you teach her the one thing I can't by fucking her ass. But be gentle - she's a virgin."

Kathy shivered at Tammy's suggestion, but couldn't deny that it intrigued her. She wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked - a new need, but one she was no longer afraid of. She reached over and gave Andy's spit-lubed cock a stroke, trying to imagine what it would feel like inside her ass. She looked up at Andy's grinning face and said, "Yes. Mmmmm, please fuck me gently, Andy."

Andy drew Kathy to her feet and hugged her, kissing her neck and then her lips. He looked into her eyes and said, "I will be as gentle as possible, but there will still be some pain at first. Just remember that the pain will go away - I know this from experience - and the pleasure that will replace it will be worth it."

Tammy got off the bed and hugged Kathy from behind. She whispered in her ear, "Andy's right, love. There will be pain, but it will end. Remember also that all you have to do is say 'stop', and Andy will. Neither of us wants you to go farther than you feel comfortable going. Okay?"

Kathy nodded and turned to kiss Tammy. "I'll remember. Thanks." She turned back to Andy and said, "How will this work?"

Andy teasingly looked to Tammy to set them up, but Tammy already had things figured out. While Andy fetched his lube from a drawer, Tammy drew two of the chairs over to the end of the bed, then laid down on the bed between the chairs, her ass right at the edge. She lifted her feet onto the chairs, having Kathy move them slightly farther away so that her legs were comfortable. Kathy then moved between Tammy's legs and rubbed her fingers across and within Tammy's spread-open cunt. Tammy reached up and fondled Kathy's breasts, and Kathy moaned as her cock twitched. She pulled back and aimed her cock, dragging it's head up along moist folds until she found the opening she sought, and then pushing forward. Sliding easily inward, she hissed in pleasure, feeling the heat and pressure as her cock was enveloped by Tammy's cunt.

She felt a hand on her back, indicating that she should bend forward. Those same hands spread her legs slightly, and then pushed her hips forward until her cock was completely within Tammy. She felt warm breath on her asscheeks, and then a finger moved between her cheeks, covered with something cold and greasy. She gasped when the finger touched her asshole, and gasped again, louder, when it pressed against her muscle steadily until it entered her.

Tammy reached up and caressed Kathy's torso, trying to distract her a little. Kathy leaned down and kissed her love, hissing as the finger moved inside her in strange ways. It withdrew, then returned a moment later, again covered in cold grease. The finger pushed into her again, deeper and deeper, moving around, pulling against tight muscles, trying to stretch them out just a little. The movements, the pressure, the stretching, were all strange to Kathy, but she soon got used to them - they even started to feel somewhat good.

Andy probed in her ass for a good long while, taking his time stretching her out. Meanwhile, Tammy and Kathy kissed, and stroked breasts, pinched nipples, licked necks, and tried to keep the pressure of Kathy's cock in Tammy's cunt from becoming too arousing without becoming not arousing enough. Finally, though, Andy withdrew his fingers and didn't return them. Instead, after a stretch of time filled with the faint sounds of a hand rubbing a greasy cock, Kathy felt Andy's hands on her cheeks, pulling them slightly apart. Then, she felt something thick and blunt easing between them, coming to rest touching her anus.

Andy's hands moved to grip her hips. He said, "Okay, lover, take a deep breath and try to relax. As I push in, try to push out - that relaxes the muscles a little more. If it hurts too much to take, just say 'stop', and I will. Ready?"

Kathy took a few deep breaths, nervous and quick, and then sighed, firming up her resolve. Turning her head, she looked into Andy's concerned yet still smiling face, and nodded, then turned back to be kissed by Tammy. She tried to think only of that kiss, the lips against hers, the tongue moving in her mouth, she tried to concentrate on the fingers rubbing across her nipples and the pleasure that generated, on the little moans that Tammy breathed into her mouth as her fingers squeezed Tammy's nipples. She felt pressure against her anus, and fought the instinctive tightening reaction to it, pushing back instead as Andy had suggested. The pressure increased as she felt Andy's cock move against lubed skin and the tapered, yet still very blunt, head of that cock started to work its way past the tight muscle, pushing her flesh out of the way and opening her up.

The pain began then as her sphincter expanded larger than it usually was made to. It hurt, but not nearly as much as she had feared. She gasped, and dropped her head to Tammy's shoulder, wanting to feel Andy within her, and so braving the pain, believing that it would pass because her lovers had told her it would. Andy's cock pushed in farther, and the pain increased, and she cried out into Tammy's shoulder, clutching hard at Tammy's arm as the blond did her best to soothe Kathy by stroking her back and sides, and making reassuring noises into her ear.

Andy stopped his pushing at this point, letting the stretched muscles in Kathy's ass get used to his thickness. He felt her ass clenching around him fiercely, almost hard enough to be painful, but slowly the clenching eased, and Kathy's frantic breathing eased with it. When she lifted her head a fraction from Tammy's shoulder and said, "Oh, God," in a breathless, awed way, he started moving forward again, the thickness of his cockhead slipping fully inside her. Her anus closed around his shaft, and he moaned at the heat he was boring into steadily.

Kathy wasn't really sure whether the pain turned into pleasure, or she just grew to like the pain, but between one moment and the next she was feeling the most incredible sensations flooding through her body, all originating from that intrusion in her ass. She lifted her head and said, "Oh, God," not quite believing just how good it felt, and when the cock started to move inward again, she arched her neck, an ecstatic grimace on her face. Her little cries and whimpers now were purely from pleasure, not from trying to contain pain.

Andy stopped moving when his hips contacted the soft, smooth flesh of Kathy's ass, and Kathy could feel every inch of his cock inside of her pressed, squeezed by her insides. The feeling was incredible - indescribable! - and it just kept getting better and better as her muscles loosened and she got used to the feelings, able to actually feel them rather than be overwhelmed by them. Andy ran his hand up her backbone and she shivered from the touch, so different from the way Tammy touched and caressed her. "Ready to fuck now, Kath?" he asked. "I think that Tammy has earned something special for being your mattress and comforter while your ass got used to me - make sure she gets it, okay?"

With that, he started to pull back, and as he did so, he pulled on Kathy's hip moving her back and away from where she rested between Tammy's legs. She remembered her own cock then as it slid along slippery, clenching walls, and she shuddered with the resumption of that kind of pleasure. She lifted her body off of Tammy's and smiled into her love's face, then kissed her before bowing her neck to suck at her nipple.

Andy controlled the motion at first, knowing what it took to get two bodies moving in the kind of unison it took to make a sandwich like this work. He worked his own hips, moving his cock in and out of Kathy's ass, and he pulled on Kathy's hips, moving her cock in and out of Tammy's cunt. Eventually, Kathy's hips got the idea and started moving between the two bodies in their own, and Andy was free to caress Kathy's back and sides, to lean over and take her breasts in his hands and fondle them, to lick and nibble at the back of her neck.

While Kathy fucked and was fucked, she concentrated as much as she could on stimulating Tammy with her mouth and hands. She caressed Tammy's torso, playing with her breasts and nipples, she licked Tammy's neck and throat, nibbling on earlobes, thrusting her tongue into Tammy's ear, kissing her, nibbling on her jaw, her cheek, her shoulder. Tammy just lay there, clutching the sheets and moaning, kissing back when there was something within reach to be kissed, but mostly just receiving the pleasure she was being given.

Tammy's body jerked and tensed in orgasm under Kathy, squeezing her cock and bucking her chest against Kathy's nipple-sucking mouth. Kathy eased up for a moment on her digital and oral attentions, though the rhythm of the cock in her ass didn't allow her to do much in the way of slowing down her own cock's motions. When Tammy relaxed again, Kathy renewed her efforts at pleasuring the upper part of Tammy's body, hoping to urge her love through a couple more such orgasms before her own peak was reached, and she was climbing swiftly toward that peak, too.

Kathy succeeded in her intention, with 'a couple' turning into 5 body-tensing, screaming orgasms. The last two, however, almost undid her - she could almost feel Tammy's pleasure seeping into her body, increasing the pleasures she already felt, shaking her resolve to do her best to ignore what was happening in the lower half of her body lest she explode into a million fragments of ecstatic pleasure. She held on mostly because she wanted Andy to come next - he deserved that for treating her ass so tenderly, and for making it feel so incredibly good, beyond all of her expectations or fantasies.

Andy found Kathy's ass as wonderful as he found her cock. It was tight, of course, but once the muscles got used to the intrusion, it wasn't vise-tight, just pleasurable clenching. He loved the way the muscles of her back moved beneath her creamy skin when she shifted her hips, the way her ass cheeks flexed when he pulled out of her ... but, in all, if it weren't for the fact that he wanted Tammy to get as much out of this as he was, he would have loved to turn his new found lover over and fuck her front-to-front, to see her face, to kiss her mouth and suck on her nipples, to stroke her cock until it shot all over his chest. 'Ah well,' he thought, 'there's always next time.'

Almost as if the thought of something beyond the confines of this act of pleasure signaled its end, Andy felt his balls clench in that way that meant he was past the point of no return. He pushed himself rapidly all the way into Kathy, and leaned over her back, groaning as the first pulse of seed left him and then kissing her back as further pulses wrenched him again and again. His hands dropped beyond Kathy to stroke Tammy's chest as he emptied himself into Kathy.

Kathy felt the first spasm of Andy's cock behind her without realizing what it was. Then, as he collapsed over her back, groaning, she was able to tell that what she was feeling back there was his orgasm. The fact of the act, separate from any additional sensations the spasming of his cock or the rush of thick liquid into her may have caused, was enough to pull her trigger. While she had yet to taste Andy's semen ('There's always next time,' she thought), the fact that she had managed to get him off and was taking his seed within her excited her in a way that was almost beyond sexual. Her whole body quaked, and her cock, buried deep within Tammy, exploded. Rippling bolts of pleasure washed over her whole body, from her head down to her balls and then out through her cock that was tingling like it never had before, not even the first time she had fucked Tammy. Flashes of light went off behind her eyes, and she felt her 'self' receding from her body as she was filled with ecstasy faster than she could fire it out of herself through her cock. Trapped securely, serenely between two loving bodies, faintly feeling the last of the orgasm of the body above her and the beginnings of the orgasm of the body below her, she left consciousness behind to ride out the rocket of pleasure.

She returned to the bedroom to find that the sandwich had been taken apart and she was lying on the bed with someone - she looked: Andy - applying a damp washcloth to her groin while Tammy lay beside her, stroking her hair again, and looking into her face. Andy was also rubbing another washcloth between Tammy's legs, and alternating kissing the thighs of both the women as he performed the ablutions. Kathy found herself refreshed by her experience so she propped herself up on her arm (only wincing slightly at the dull ache in her ass) and kissed Tammy thoroughly. Then, sitting up fully, she drew Andy up from his position on the floor and gave him a sound kiss as well, her hands moving over his shoulders and back, and even playfully down to his crotch, which seemed to have been cleaned already.

She sat back and drew both of her lovers close, holding them tight. She said, "I want to thank you both for all of the pleasure you gave me. I just hope that we can do this again, soon and often." She looked at Andy when she said this because she was fairly sure that she would be part of Tammy's life for the foreseeable future, but she had no idea what Andy might want.

Andy kissed Kathy's shoulder and said, "I have no objections to having fun, lovely one. I find you exciting, intriguing, I enjoy your company and you bring me pleasure. If Tammy has no objections, I would be pleased to play with you some more, and maybe go beyond just playing. I can't promise commitment or anything, certainly not after just one night. But I would really like to see you again, Kathy."

Tammy kissed Kathy's other shoulder and said, "Andy is a good friend and an excellent lover, Kathy - as you know by now. Also, I do my best not to deny pleasure to any of my friends, no matter how closely involved I am with them. All that I ask is that I get asked along to play with you two every once in a while."

Kathy hugged them both, and they all three kissed. Kathy didn't know whether Andy would be more than a lover to her, but she was glad that her love didn't find him a threat, because she was sure she was at least infatuated with his cock!

Tammy looked at the clock and noticed how early it still was. "You know, we could still go do some parties, or play in the pool for a bit, or even stop in at the filk room. And, after we've recharged ourselves somewhat, maybe we can see whether we can put some more wear on the bedsprings in my room."

They wandered around the more official late-night functions of the con for a while, and then visited some of the parties. When they returned to Tammy's room, they proceeded to while away the hours 'till dawn discovering the many ways that three bodies can be fit together. Andy got his wish to fuck Kathy front to front, and they both thoroughly enjoyed it. Kathy got to suck Andy off, and she loved the taste and feel of his semen. Kathy fucked Andy as she ate out Tammy, and fucked Tammy's ass while she sucked Andy. She watched Andy fuck Tammy and marveled at the play of the two bodies, the somewhat silly but still beautiful movements and sounds - and even more she marveled at the lack of jealousy she felt at seeing her new-found love being taken by another. The trio didn't do everything possible, but they certainly exhausted each other trying, and they didn't wake up until well into the afternoon.

The rest of the con was a continuous whirl of wonderful things for Kathy. Andy asked to, and was eagerly invited to, tag along with Kathy and Tammy, and so Kathy got introduced to a whole bunch more people who were friends of Andy's. She ended up getting the 'Tigress' painting, as well as promising to sit for a several more paintings for Andy - one just of her, and one of Tammy and her together. Her sexual horizons were opened even wider as she attended mini-orgies of anywhere from 6 to 10 people. She met Jeff, Andy's mer-man model at one of these, and found the sight of two men fucking to be as amazing and arousing and beautiful as the sight of Andy and Tammy had been. She saw, and participated in, all kinds of things she had only read about before, and it was made clear that this kind of sexual freedom wasn't reserved for Science Fiction Convention hotels either.

She rearranged her travel plans to return home in the company of Tammy and Andy. The trip was somewhat prolonged by their frequent 'rest'-stops, but Kathy didn't mind. But her reluctance wasn't her usual post-event reluctance at returning to her boring, lonely life - she was just enjoying herself. She knew that what she was returning to was going to be as different as Kathy was from Keith. She had friends, lovers, a love, and a new life. For the first time in a long time, she was truly glad that she had attended a convention. And she fingered her earring and blessed the proprietor of "Illumination Magic Shop" for changing her life.

© Copyright July 1992 by John White. .

Convention Conversion copyright 1996 by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr.

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