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by Changer

Jack Smedly was a tall, good-looking fellow who fancied himself as something of a ladies man. He wasn't really a bad guy but he had a bad habit of assuming that women, especially well developed ones, were there mainly for his enjoyment. He was quite successful in attracting such women in fact, but tended to enjoy himself too much at their expense and as a result they inevitably left after the first date.

The latest in a recent string of rejections had left him feeling rather depressed. He was unable to comprehend that it was his own attitude that turned off the ladies he went out with, and blamed them for not understanding him. He had decided to get really drunk and hopefully forget his recent setbacks. He didn't usually drink much, and the quarter-bottle of vodka he had managed to consume had left him in a pretty bad way as regards common sense and manners. As a result, when a tall and very good-looking dark-haired woman of about 35 sat down at the bar on the next stool, his libido got away with him.

"Hi, I'm Jack, what's your name?" he asked alcoholically, leaning so far towards the woman he nearly fell off his stool.

"Laura" she replied, distastefully pushing back upright after he had virtually landed in her lap.

"So what does a beautiful woman like yourself do for a living?" he asked, leering at her large breasts which were clearly visible through the material of her dress.

"I'm a sorceress, and I'm not really in the mood for drunk machismo tonight." she said with a nasty grin. "Leave me alone or I'll do something horrible to you".

He smiled weakly at her, while wondering blurrily whether she thought he was drunk enough to believe such a stupid claim. "Sorceress?" he said. "There's no such thing. Magic doesn't exist"

"Yes it does",she gritted, "and I'm actually very good at it. If you don't shut up and go away, you may find out just how good".

"Forget about being a 'sorceress' ", he said with alcohol induced sarcasm. "Come back to my place and I'll show you some REAL magic". And with that, he reached out and cupped her left breast.

"You BASTARD!" she hissed, and slapped his hand away. "Get your hands off my breasts."

"Oh, go on, you know you like it, all women do. I love big bouncy breasts like yours, and I want to play with them". Inside, Jack was aghast at saying such things to someone he had just met, but couldn't seem to stop his mouth from spouting out such foolishness. The alcohol was making its presence felt in vastly lowered inhibitions. "I'm a bit of a breast man", he continued, "I'm not really into legs, even though yours are pretty nice."

"So, you like large bouncy breasts, do you ?", the self-proclaimed sorceress asked, in an ominous tone of voice.

"Yes" replied Jack, who was by now too drunk to notice that anything was wrong. "I like them large, firm, and bouncy, and plenty of them too!"

"Right then, we'd better make sure that you're happy", said Laura, and gestured sharply. A bolt of deep violet fire shot from her hand and engulfed Jack, who convulsed and fell off his stool. Laura grinned, and vanished with a faint popping noise.

Jack felt very odd, and considerably more sober, as he picked himself up off the floor. "That was really strange", he thought, "it looked like she disappeared into thin air. I wonder how she did the light effect?". He dusted himself down, and staggered back to the bar. Ordering, receiving, and drinking a double shot of vodka steadied his nerves a bit. He paid for his drink, and decided to make his way home, hoping to forget the events of the evening.

When he got home, after having some difficulty finding a taxi at that time of night, he had a shower and went to bed. He was still feeling rather lightheaded, and put it down to the unusual amount of drinks he'd consumed earlier. Just before going to sleep, he though to himself "It's a shame that stupid girl turned me down like that. She doesn't know what she's missing.". With that, he fell into a deep sleep.

Jack awoke the next day to the sound of his alarm clock beeping loudly beside the bed. Blearily, he reached over and hit the off button. "Thank god it's the weekend" he though, "I feel terrible. Must be coming down with flu, or something". He climbed out of bed, and staggered into the bathroom for a shower and shave. He turned the water on really hot, and got in, hoping that a long invigorating shower would wake him up a bit. As he was soaping his chest, he noticed that it felt a bit swollen around the nipples, which were more sensitive than normal. He put it down to flu and/or a hangover, and finished his shower. As he was towelling himeself dry, though, he noticed some odd sensations coming from his nipples. Looking down at them, he was horrified to see them slowly growing, both in length and diameter. In disbelief, he watched them apparently turn into a large pair of female nipples over a couple of minutes. Once they had reached a size consistent with those of a very well endowed woman, the change stopped. He turned to the mirror, and looked at his reflection. On his chest were now a perfect pair of woman's nipples, complete with large areolea. He reached up and pinched one, and closed his eyes as an amazingly strong pleasurable sensation rushed through him.

"This is impossible", he thought unsteadily. "I must be imagining things". But when he opened his eyes, the nipples were still there. After staring at his reflection for a few more moments, he slowly got dressed in a sweatshirt and pants, wincing as his shirt rubbed his new nipples. He went into the kitchen, and made a strong cup of coffee, which he hoped would help his still-present hangover, and let him think clearly about the apparent change to his chest. As he was sitting at the table drinking the coffee, he suddenly felt lightheaded again. Putting the cup down, he closed his eyes for a moment until the feeling passed.

When Jack open his eyes again, he realized that his shirt felt uncomfortably tight all of a sudden. Looking down, he realised that his chest was changing again. He watched aghast as the front of his shirt slowly bulged out into a pair of very large, and very familiar looking, shapes. As the growth abated, he reached up and touched one of the shapes. He felt firm flesh resisting his probing finger, and pulled it away sharply. Breathing hard, Jack looked at the opposite wall while his whirling thoughts calmed a bit. After a couple of minutes, he felt a little better, and slowly removed his shirt, looking straight ahead. After taking a couple of deep breaths, he looked down. On his chest now sat a pair of perfect, firm, and very large breasts, which he dizzily estimated to be at least a DD cup.

He slowly reached up and hefted one breast. It felt like any other breast he had ever fondled, albeit rather larger than most and much firmer than many. He had, however, never been able to feel his hand on a breast from the inside, as it were. He said aloud "My god, I can't believe this is happening". At that point, he remembered the woman last night, and her claim to be a sorceress. "Is it possible? Could she really BE a sorceress?".

Jack unsteadily got up and walked very slowly into the bathroom, feeling his new breasts move with every step. He looked at his reflection in the mirror over the sink. He looked really strange as his body, aside from the breasts, was unchanged. He realised as he looked at himself how large the breasts actually were, since they were proportional to his 6'2" body. They were much firmer than breasts that size would normally be, too, but they looked completely natural rather than like implants.

He caught himself thinking that thought. "Natural!! They might be natural on a stripper, but not on ME for god's sake!".

He tried to remember more of last night. What had the woman asked him, and what had he said? And what was he going to do now? He could hardly go out in public like this. Jack decided that he couldn't bear to look at the things on his chest any more, and that he was also feeling the chill of the house on his nude upper body. He went into the bedroom, and looked through his clothes for something that would fit over his new chest. Ultimately, he ended up with an extra-large T-shirt, which hung loosely on him, except around the breasts, which stretched the material considerably. He found himself wondering if he would need a bra, and how in the world he could get one if so. Shuddering, he firmly told himself that this was bound to be temporary, and that he should try and remember if the 'sorceress' had said where she lived. If he could track her down, he could force her to put him back to normal.

Walking into the living room, he was painfully aware of his new acquisitions as they bounced up and down. He reached up to steady them, and found himself massaging one breast through his shirt. The wave of pleasure that greeted this action nearly made him fall over. He firmly told himself to stop playing with the things, and sat down in his easy chair to think about what to do next.

After half an hour or so, he had nearly drifted off to sleep, thanks to the late night and the residual alcohol in his system. He was just staring into space thinking about nothing in particular, when he was sharply prodded into wakefulness by a resurgence of the by-now familiar lightheaded feeling. He quickly sat upright, and winced as his breasts wobbled. "What the hell is happening now?" he exclaimed. Looking down at his chest, he could see no new changes. The unwanted breasts were still there, and didn't seem to be growing (or shrinking, dammit). But the lightheadedness continued, and got steadily worse. Jack felt that he might faint, as the room seemed to spin around him. Closing his eyes, he breathed slowly and deeply, trying to remain calm. After a couple of minutes, he felt a tingle on his chest, below his breasts. Reaching up, eyes still closed, he felt himself. When his hands felt a pair of bumps a few inches below his breasts, his eyes shot open and he looked down at his chest. "Damn", he thought as his breasts blocked his view. "These things are so BIG". He got up from the chair and quickly went into the bathroom again, holding his breasts to stop them jumping around. When he was standing in front of the mirror, he pulled his T-shirt over his head and looked at his reflection.

"OH my GOD!" he screamed. Immediately below his breasts, a second pair of female nipples had appeared. As he watched with total horror, they were slowly pushed outward by the second pair of breasts which was growing on his chest. Within the space of five minutes, the new breasts had completed their growth, and were the same size as his first pair. Jack was by this point almost ready to faint. He raised a trembling hand and prodded the lower right breast. It felt just like the original ones did.

He stared at his reflection for another five minutes, not believing what he saw. He was looking at a tall red-haired man, in good shape and perfectly normal, except for TWO pairs of large firm breasts hanging from his chest. In a sudden fit of nausea, he whirled and was violently sick into the toilet.

Once he had stopped retching, he flushed the toilet and shakily stood up. He went to the sink and bent over it, and gasped from the sensation of four huge nipples touching the cold tile surrounding it. He stood up again sharply, and watched his four breasts jostle around on his chest. Once they had stopped moving he braced himself and bent over the sink again. He was ready for the strange sensation this time, and managed to ignore it as he rinsed his mouth out and splashed his face with cold water.

After he had dried himself off, he reached for his T-shirt and slowly put it on. It no longer reached down far enough in front to tuck in, and the four huge mounds under it were glaringly apparent. He looked at himself in the mirror, and turned to see his profile. "These things are enormous" he thought, as he turned to walk back to the living room. "I've got to get hold of that woman and make her reverse the spell or whatever it is that's causing this".

As Jack walked back to his chair, he was overcome with the horribly familiar lightheaded feeling again, this time so strongly that he fell down. Jack landed painfully on his new breasts, and yelped in agony. "Now what", he shouted. "What is going to happen to me NOW?"

After several minutes of increasingly more severe disorientation, the feeling stopped. Jack lay on the floor for some time, and then unsteadily got to his feet. This task was made all the more difficult due to the unfamiliar weight shift caused by his breasts. He rapidly returned to look at the mirror, removing his shirt as he went.

However, even though he watched his reflection with suspicion for ten minutes, nothing else changed. He didn't grow yet another set of breasts (which he had been terrified the event signified), and his four existing breasts didn't change either.

He finally decided that it had been a combination of a reaction to the shock of the last couple of hours and his still present hangover, which didn't seem to be going away. He turned to go back into the living room, and stopped short with a yell as his left leg cramped up, very painfully. He bent down to rub it. As he was massaging his calf, his right leg also cramped up. He nearly fell down, and decided to sit on the floor to ease the pain. He pulled off his sweat pants and kneaded his legs. The cramps suddenly disappeared, and he started to get up. Then he looked at his legs and was once again left speechless by his body changing in a strange way. This time his legs were slowly changing shape, with his thighs shortening and his feet getting longer. As he watched in stupefied amazement, his legs continued to change. After several minutes, they looked nothing like they had been. In fact, they didn't even look like the legs of a human at all. The knees were much higher up, and his ankles were about where his knees should have been. His feet had lengthened considerably as well, and changed shape. The nails had been replaced by short blunt claws.

Jack attempted to stand up. It was very difficult and he fell over several time before he finally made it. He found that his legs were now permanently bent into a squatting position, which made him lean forward and nearly fall over. He had to hold onto the edge of the sink to stay upright. Looking down at his feet he tried to lift the right one. He nearly fell down again, and realised that the left foot has also tried to move. After a couple of tries, he finally came to the conclusion that both legs now moved in unison and couldn't be moved separately.

As he was thinking this through his legs started to itch all over. He was unable to scratch since this would require him to let go of the sink which would make him fall over. As he looked down at his reshaped legs, he realised that they seemed to be changing colour. The skin was getting darker and darker, and he finally comprehended that his legs was growing fur. It was the same rust-red colour as his hair and grew swiftly. Within a minute or so, his legs had become completely fur-covered.

He was still holding onto the sink unable to walk. As he looked at his reflection in the mirror, he though in despair "How am I going to get around now. I'm a crippled freak!" No sooner had he thought this, when the base of his spine started tingling. He craned his head around, and looked over his shoulder at his rear. A tapered fleshy protuberance was gradually pushing its way out of his reshaped buttocks, lengthening and thickening steadily. After five minutes or so it was about four feet long, and nearly six inches thick where it joined his body. It then stopped growing and rapidly sprouted a thick coat of fur the same as that on his legs.

After staring at his new tail in shock for a few moments Jack realised that the weight of it was pulling him backwards. He carefully let go of the sink, and tilted back into a rather more upright stance. His tail now resting on the floor and steadying him, Jack looked as his reflection. It presented a very weird sight. He had four very large breasts, and the lower body of what he suddenly recognised as a kangaroo. His penis and testicles were still present, although they seemed to be modified a bit. His penis now had a furry sheath, and his balls had moved back a bit. From the waist up, he was (except for the breasts) unchanged.

He tried taking a cautious step forward and nearly cracked his head on the mirror. He had suddenly hopped, rather than walked. At this point he remembered that his legs only worked together and realised that he would now have to hop everywhere. With quite a lot of practice attempts and a certain number of bruises he finally mastered hopping enough to make his way into the living room. The problems with locomotion were compounded by the fact that every time he jumped his new breasts bounced violently and painfully, especially since his new posture forced him to lean forward quite a long way with his tail as a counterbalance. The tail especially was causing him problems as he found that it was almost impossible to control voluntarily. It seemed to work automatically when he hopped but had a life of its own whenever he tried to move it deliberately. Eventually he gained enough control of it so that he stopped knocking things over.

Jack was by now almost at his wits end. He didn't know how that woman had done this to him and couldn't remember enough of last night to work out WHY she had done it. He tried to sit in his easy chair and nearly screamed in frustration when he found that he was no longer built correctly to sit down. This was just about the last straw. He was also terrified that he would continue to change, although the lightheadedness hadn't returned.

While he was looking at the chair and swearing under his breath, he heard a faint pop behind him. The sound was vaguely familiar but he couldn't think why. With some difficulty he managed to turn around and was shocked to see the 'sorceress' from last night standing in the middle of the room. "YOU!" he shouted, "Are you responsible for this?" and he gestured at his changed body.

"Yes" she replied with a smug grin, "and it's some of my best work even if I do say so myself". She looked him up and down, and walked around him a couple of times. "Very good work indeed, in fact. Not bad for a spur of the moment spell. It worked perfectly".

"WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO IT?" Jack screamed.

Laura stopped grinning, and said frostily "You have been a complete pig to me, and doubtless to many other women. You needed to have a reminder that this sort of behaviour is not acceptable, and you happened to pick on someone who could give you such a reminder and make it stick".

"But why do this to me. Why turn me into a freak?" he sputtered.

"You virtually asked for it last night, remember?".

"I can hardly remember anything, and I certainly didn't ask for THIS to happen to me".

"You were making unpleasant comments about my breasts and said, and I quote, 'I like them large, firm, and bouncy, and plenty of them too!'. Now you have plenty of large firm breasts, and they're pretty bouncy, especially when you hop! And best of all, you'll always have them to play with".

"What do you mean? Aren't you going to change me back?" Jack asked frantically.

"No, the spell can't be broken. I said it was going to stick." and she grinned again.

"You UTTER BITCH" he yelled, and clumsily dived at her, forgetting his changed state for the moment. He was forcibly reminded of his new legs when he jumped right past the woman, and slammed into the wall. He slid to the floor, where he lay groaning in pain. Laura smiled nastily, and said "I can't remove the spell, but I can add to it", and gestured again. This time, unlike last night, the blast of eldrich fire from her hand was pale green, and took effect immediately.

Jack felt a wave of disorientation pass through him, much stronger than before. He felt a strong tingling sensation below his lower set of breasts, and raised a hand to the spot with a moan. He felt yet ANOTHER pair of breasts developing under his first two pairs. He fell back against the wall, and as the new breasts finished growing, felt the familiar tingling in his ears. As he was raising his hands to his ears, he went deaf. He felt frantically on the sides of his head, and was horrified to find that his ears had completely disappeared. While he was thinking "Why would she take away my ears?", the top of his head started to itch. Feeling the two itchy spots, one on either side, he found a couple of protruberances sprouting out of his scalp. Suddenly his hearing came back, and he realised that the two large fur-covered things on his head were kangaroo's ears.

He wearily climbed to his changed feet and hopped slowly and clumsily into the bathroom, followed by the sorceress who he had momentarily forgotten about. His reflection showed a figure even more grotesque than the last time. He now had three perfect pairs of breasts, all of which were now about an E cup. The last pair was nearly on a level with his navel. The crowning touch, so to speak, was the large pair of proportionally sized kangaroo ears that graced his head, turning towards each slight sound.

He looked at the reflection of the woman in the mirror. "What am I going to do now?" he asked in despair.

"That's your problem" she replied. "Now you will always be reminded that you should treat women, especially sorceresses, with respect. Every time you hop, you will be reminded of the large firm breasts you expressed such a desire for. You really are a breast man now!"

And with this last statement, she vanished for good.

Bouncy copyright 1998 by Changer.

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