The Transformation Story Archive Auxiliary Files

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The dates reflect the date the stories were added to the database, not the date when they were accessible publically.

Below you can see the few stories JT left on his editing system before he disappeared.

--Dr. Perry Noya

Added 2003-07-15:

Arms and Armor (animal) [good]
by Jon Sleeper

Added 2003-07-14:

Modern Medusa (misc) [adult]
by Animals
The Price of Power (misc)
by DarkBird
Basketball (furry)
by Ryan Hoffman

Added 2003-07-12:

Equalizer (misc)
by DarkBird
Hunterís Moon (animal)
by Volk-Oboroten
No Choice at All (animal) [good]
by Eala Dubh
Outfoxed (animal)
by Eala Dubh
Straw Unicorns (myth) [good]
by Equestrian

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