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for the transformation story archive (natch)

Q: When will you update this server?

A: When it happens, it happens, basically. I try to have an update at least bi-wheneverly.

Q: What kind of stories are you looking for?

A: Well I collect transformations, that is: Stories that have a bodily (or in some cases mental) transformation into another being as a central theme. That definition includes gender-change stories and were-stories. As most genderchange stories are rather predictable #sigh#, though, I don't archive them all. Also, there are very many sites that archive genderchange stories, so we try to take the best of what's submitted.

What I'm most interested in are stories about transformations into animals, furries, or mythological creatures - either physically or in some cases mentally/behaviorally, but I'm open to just about anything, and just because a story doesn't push my particular buttons doesn't mean I won't put it on the archive.

Q: Should I send you story x?

A: If you don't see it here, yes, by all means do! The address to send to is A few caveats, though. Please proofread your story before sending it--wading through horrible grammar and spelling makes this a lot tougher, and ultimately, if it takes too much work to fix, I'm going to be less accommodating toward it.

Q:Are there any other resources like yours?

A: Yes, there are. The biggest collection of furry/animal related story links is at Mia's Index of Furry Stories. There's a Transformation keyword there. Also, a list of many transformation-related websites is on the Transformation Ring.

Q:Is there a mailing list for transformation stories?

A: Glad you asked. Just jump over to Untitled.

JT Skunk

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