The Transformation Story Archive Horses and Doggies and Cats, Oh my...


by DarkBird

"This is what we're going to do." Mona stared into Benny's eyes making sure the fat man was listening.

"I'm not sure this is such a good idea Mona." Benny's bald head had been visibly sweating bullets ever since she brought up her idea. He looked at the short woman; she could be so determined to have it her way all the time.

"Listen, you think all our work is worth only a lousy five grand? We put our necks on the line for this fat fortuneteller and her little superstitious mumbo jumbo. I think it's worth at least ten."

"But... but we agreed on five when we started. It's not like it was a hard job, I mean, I worked at that museum so it was easy for me to slip that urn out with no one noticing. It wasn't even on display, just in storage. We shouldn't go back on our word."

Mona started fingering her loop earring; she could hear the resistance being worn down every time he opened his mouth. "Aww, c'mon Benny. I'll take care of everything, you don't have to worry at all." She began to massage her tongue, the stud showing visibly now and then. "Besides, I know you did most of the work. A hard working man like you is going to want to celebrate when this is all over."

Benny could sense himself licking his lips. Mona might be short and a little pudgy but he still wanted to get in her pants. He knew that she was just using his horniness to her advantage, but he'd never had much luck with woman. In fact, it'd been a couple years since he had anyone, and that girl was barely a step above a prostitute, the way she spent his money.

He let out a sigh of resignation. "All right. We'll do it your way." Mona smiled; she knew she'd have it her way, like always. She outlined their plan as the taxi drove them to the hotel.

The hotel wasn't much, but for a Caribbean island off the usual tourist path it wasn't like it had much to offer anyways. The hid their stolen urn containing the ashes in one of the drawers. Mona outlined her plan. They'd rent a car and drive to their employer, Madame Ojo. They'd explain the change of plan and make sure she'd agree. Benny would then return for the urn and they'd both make the exchange.

Benny wasn't sure he liked Mona's plan, but he never got a chance to voice his doubts. He just wasn't much for standing up for himself, probably how he got roped into joining this job in the first place. He knew he lacked a backbone but just never could seem to do anything about it.


The drive took over an hour to reach their destination. The directions just didn't seem as precise when trying to navigate on a dirt path in the middle of a rainforest. Finally they pulled up to Madame Ojo's, a small group of barely stable houses surrounded by a lot of dirt and mangy farm animals.

Mona had only spoken to mediary of Ojo's and had not met this woman before. And since Benny was only in this because of Mona, he was completely lost. Madame Ojo appeared as a very large black woman, her hair was graying but pulled back in conservative style that showed little. She was dressed in a loose red dress that was covered in feathers; a chicken bone necklace peaked out of the many folds of her dress.

Madame Karrisa Ojo approached the two foreigners with glee. "Ahh, so we finally meet. I'm sure you want our business concluded as quickly as I do. May I see the ashes, if you please?"

"Well, uh--" Benny began to stammer.

"We're here to tell you that there's going to be a little change in plans." Mona smirked at the surprise look evident on their employer.

Ojo regained her composure. "We had a deal. Five thousand American dollars for the ashes of the Singaya."

Mona gave a disgusted frown. "Well, I'm telling you that's not good enough. We want ten thousand.each."

Benny nearly squawked. He thought she had meant ten thousand total, not each!

Ojo seemed to have the same idea. "We agreed on five thousand. I cannot pay you twenty thousand."

Benny was surprised at how fast Mona pulled out the pistol. She leveled it against the older woman, "I think you're gonna pay."

Both of them could see the anger burn in Ojo's eyes, then the resignation that followed. "Very well, I will pay. But only after I see the ashes."

Mona watched as Benny drove off. They would both wait while he retrieved the urn, and Mona would make sure their employer didn't try any tricks. After about five minutes she glanced at her watch. At best it would take Benny about two and a half hours to make the trip. Her arms began to ache and she lowered the firearm.

"Let me tell you straight grandma, this is nothing personal." She shrugged, "It's just business y'kno--Ach!" Mona flinched as something sharp struck her neck. It felt like a super mosquito but her hand pulled away a little dart.

She thrust it at the old woman. "What the fuck is this!" Her arm darted straight out with pistol in hand as she scanned the jungle. "Get the fuck out here now or I blow this bitch's head off!!!"

Before she could turn around and make good on her threat she felt a sudden surge of light headiness and collapsed on the ground. She stared up into the sky barely aware of what just happened. The head of a small black boy stared down at her, followed by Ojo.

She knew they were talking but couldn't quite understand what was being said. She numbly felt fingers feeling her whole body over but didn't have the strength to care. Madame Ojo's hands work on her face and even saw them cut a strip of her short brown her. Finally she succumbed to the dart's poison and passed out.


Mona slowly opened her eyes. She found herself lying naked in the patch of dirt near the huts. There was a pounding in her head that made it difficult to focus on anything for more than a couple seconds and her whole body still felt numb, fortunately she could move her head around a bit. After a few minutes she heard a mumbling noise and noticed Madame Ojo walking towards her. The woman carried a large jar and feathered stick; she waved the stick over Mona's head. She reached into the jar and pulled out a handful of white dust, which was tossed into the air above Mona's prostrate body, the mumbling became singing, which became louder and more pronounced. After about two minutes of singing, stick waving, and shuffling of feet Mona began to feel the dart's poison wear off and feeling return to her body.

With a final shake the old black woman went silent. She backed away and stared at Mona's face. "No one steals from Madame Ojo. You shall now have your treachery repaid unto you Mona Hapsberger."

The feeling in her body had finally returned completely to Mona and she quickly leaned forward into a sitting position. A bout of dizziness made even this difficult and she was forced onto her back. A low growl escaped from her lips, "What ever you think you're gonna do to me, bitch, it ain't nothing like what I'm gonna do to you!"

She rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself onto her knees. It felt like an eternity but she managed to get on her knees and then stand up. She wobbled a bit but didn't fall; though her head was pounding and there was a sick feeling in her throat-like she had tasted something bad and wanted to throw up. She managed two steps before a sharp pain in her stomach doubled her over; in her condition she quickly fell to the dirt. Lying in a fetal position she still tried to crawl towards the smiling black woman.

Tears of pain forced her to wipe her eyes, it felt like her skin was crawling. Suddenly, it was like a million needles were being stuck into her flesh. Her tits felt like some brute was squeezing them, her hands and feet felt like ice, and her headache became an unbearable flaming migraine. She managed to roll onto her back without passing out and was shocked as she stared down the length of her body. Her skin was becoming a tangle of dark hairs. But just as disturbing was a bare spot on her belly with two small knobs that were quickly becoming larger-the whole area seemed to be inflating like a white balloon.

The squeezing of her breasts eased off and she reached towards them to see what damage was done. Her hands felt rough to the touch but what they found scared her even more-nothing! Her breasts had completely disappeared. Her whole face then went into agony. Up until now the shock had kept her from making anything beyond a whimper but at this point she couldn't take anymore, she managed a deep breath and screamed. The sound came out rough, bestial.

At this point she became aware that her insides were now moving around. Bones seemed to be shifting, her organs were squirming about. Mercifully the pain seemed to be vanishing; Mona took this moment to shift her weight around, forcing herself onto her stomach-her limbs didn't seem to want to obey her. The pain seemed to have completely vanished, instead she felt swollen. For some reason she knew her body wouldn't respond the way she knew it should, she lay there trying not to move.

She let her head look up to see a smiling Ojo staring down on her like an immobile statue. The black woman's teeth shown brilliantly white, almost as if they were taunting her awkward predicament. Finally the woman knelt down and patted Mona on the head. Mona reacted with a snap that should've taken a finger off, only her jaw felt strange and she only ended up biting her own tongue instead.

The black woman's laughter only made the pain even more aggravating. She spit out a curse; it sounded more like a grunt. Curiously she moved her head, something was very wrong here. Before she could put her finger on it the small boy returned with a chain. He wrapped it around Mona's neck and attached the other end to a nearby pole. The small boy looked quickly from Mona to his kneeling mother.

"Shall I remove her pretties mama?"

The fat woman grunted as she got back onto her feet. "No Ganji, I think we will leave them where they are." She tilted her head as she stared down in amusement. "They look just fine where they are."

This time Mona tried to scream her curses at the old woman, again they sounded like grunts. Mona calmed down long enough to listen to herself. She tried saying something and recoiled at what she heard-it sounded like an animal. She was about to say something when she heard the child laughing.

"Look mama! She trying understand."

"Yes Ganji, I think the treacherous woman is beginning to understand what has happened. Fetch the pail, I think this one will be a good beast. Not probably get much out of this milk beast but we can always use another mother, eh, my son?"

"Yes mama." The boy smiled at his mother and then ran off.

A light feeling, almost like falling, crept into Mona's skull. She glanced down the right side of her body; a dark brown animal hide gazed back at her. Even her eyes seemed strange, less able to focus straight ahead than to either side. She tried to stand but instead fell onto her side. Controlling her new legs was difficult: they seemed to spasm out of control instead of following her thoughts. Finally, she calmed down and managed to get herself onto all fours, albeit, very awkwardly. Fear finally took over and she began to let herself baa loudly, which seemed to come easily in this time of stress.

Instead of making her feel better the noise instead attracted attention to herself. Her head turned around as she sensed something approach behind her. She felt something soft probing her hindquarters; something was sniffing her ass, breathing in her scent. Before she fully became aware of what was going on, something heavy jumped onto her back. The shock of this sudden weight almost drove her onto her stomach but somehow she managed to still stay on all fours. She felt something grip her sides; whatever it was was positioning itself onto her back, stabilizing its weight and slowly inching forward up her back. Her head whipped back and forth trying to see what it was. Something soft and wet began to feel around her pussy; and with a cold realization it hit her, she was being mounted by one of the voodoo witch's goats!

Her body wouldn't move despite her wish to make it so. Instead, she started to shiver uncontrollably. The male goat finally found its target and began to work its head into her. Once it seemed to be on target the male started to savagely pound into her. Mona felt its rough hair rub her back, its legs gripped her sides painfully tight, its breath was hot against her neck. She felt his dick pump further and further into her. The whole situation felt unbelievable, but despite her complete disgust she could feel a rising orgasm spread from her legs. Her shivering now turned from fear to pleasure, she could hear the male goat's grunts of ecstasy as it approached its own climax. She closed her eyes and let the sexual feeling ride through her whole body. It had been awhile since she let a man touch her, indeed,

it had been a long time since she let a guy dominate her this way. There seemed to be something satisfying in not having any control in what would happen next. Her climax was coming quickly, she opened her mouth and whiffed the pungent male's scent-it triggered her climax, it seemed to bring it even higher than she thought it would be. It felt like each individual hair on her body was moving of its own accord in time to the thrusting. Warmth spread out all over her body. The inflated organ she saw growing between her legs felt a little painful, like she had to take a piss, but even this gave her a bit of a masochistic pleasure--she sometimes liked a little pain in an encounter.

The orgasm ended almost as quickly as it began, but the feeling of bundled warmth stayed. The male continued to thrust savagely; he had not quite reached his own orgasm. The totality of what was happening again sunk in but her body would still not move. She looked around futilely, and her eyes finally rested on the black woman who had done this to her. She still stood silently, smiling at her handiwork. Her son finally returned with a bucket and she waved him off.

"I think we will give Miss Mona a few more minutes."

Nauseous ness filled Mona, she wanted to puke her guts out, she wanted to rip that smirk off Ojo, she wanted to run as far away as possible. Instead she felt herself be violated by a goat. The grunts became more ragged and heavy as the male reached orgasm, Mona felt herself approach another orgasm as well. The male gripped her even more tightly than before and pounded his cock in as far as it could go for barely heartbeat as he finally climaxed. Mona felt the sperm squeeze through his dick and fill her insides. She grunted in disappointment as he slowly slid off her back, the penis slipped easily from her moist pussy but to her it felt like it was still present.She hadn't reached her second orgasm and unconsciously snorted in anger. She circled around the pole baaing as loudly as she could. Another suitor, this one a smaller black male approached and quickly mounted her. She grunted in pleasure as he entered her and then remembered that she had not wanted this! At this point there was no point in fighting it, her body still refused to obey her. She just hung her head low, feeling herself switch from pleasure to disgust and then back again to pleasure. The thrusting continued no matter what her feelings on the matter, and even though this male was not as large as the last one her ass was starting to feel numb, something Mona was almost grateful for, from too much activity.

As soon as the mounting was finished the small Ganji looked to his mother who gave a curt nod. The goat didn't notice his approach, it appeared exhausted from all it had been through. This small goat had a comparably small udder. Mother was probably right, this one would not be a beast specifically for milking. He slid the pail under its udder and grabbed one of its teats. The small creature's head shot up in alarm and turned to see what was going on. Ganji gave the teat a small testing squeeze, and just as he'd hoped it squirted fresh milk. He grabbed the other teat and began to go at work.

The goat's startled surprise quickly disappeared as Ganji filled the pail. It probably didn't notice how painfully full of milk it had been until Ganji released it. He could hear it breathing steadily, small grunts of pleasure like when it was being mated mixed in with some heavy breathing-it must really be enjoying this. Ganji smiled, they had so few female goats. Mama must be very pleased with this goat despite how angry with it she had seemed before, but this was the first time mama had decided to make one of her curses do something useful. Usually anyone to make mama mad, which hadn't happened in a long time, would never have had the chance to actually live. The pail didn't fill with as much as he'd hoped but momma was right, at least she should make a good breeder. At least, the male goats seemed to think so. Ganji left happily with the pail as soon as he got a few dry squeezes, her udder was completely emptied.


It took Benny a little over an hour to return with the urn he and Mona had stolen from the museum. The road was practically nonexistent for several miles around her house, he was almost sure he'd gotten lost at least twice. He heaved a sigh of relief as he pulled stopped near the house, scattering several goats and chickens that had been loitering around.The yard seemed oddly quiet; he'd expected Mona and that woman to be still waiting for him outside. He gave a little honk on the horn and shortly thereafter Madame Ojo appeared. The sight of her alone made Benny a little queasy, he hoped nothing had gone wrong. There wasn't exactly a backup plan, and he wasn't sure he'd be all right if he had to come up with one on the spot.

Ojo motioned for him to approach, and he did with a slight hesitation.

"Ah, Benny, you have brought me the ashes of the Singaya?"

Benny waved to the car, "Uh, yeah. It's in the car." He glanced around. "Where's Mona?"

There was an evil looking smile that crept onto the black woman's face. "Let me show you." She led him to the side of the house where there was a large xpanse of dirt. She pointed to a small goat chained to a pole off to the side. "There is your friend."

Benny looked from the black woman to the goat back to the black woman. He had always been superstitious so instead of arguing with the woman he walked

cautiously to the goat. When he was about ten feet from it he saw that it had noticed his approach.

It looked mournfully up at him, this in itself surprised Benny since he had never seen an animal look mournfully before. Another goat seemed to also be interested in the one he was staring at. It seemed to have no hesitation in mounting her, and Benny was surprised that the female was able to support the weight of the grey male, which seemed almost twice her size. Her eyes seemed to flinch as he entered her, and then she looked up at Benny and gave a long baa as if she was pleading for help.

Benny was about to turn away when he noticed something on the creature's ear--a large loop earring. The hairs on the back of his neck seemed to be arching up and he could feel his scrotum trying to crawl in on itself. He took a step closer and peered closely at the animal's face. It's eyes were closed and it was breathing heavily, couldn't tell if it was enjoying the male or just trying to hold onto sanity. Its tongue was hanging out slightly and he caught a glint of metal. He could see some light reflect off a tongue stud in the goat's mouth.

Benny felt like he was in a daze, he felt like he was looking through someone else's eyes. The sharp sound of a car door slam jarred him back to his senses. He quickly turned around. Madame Ojo was holding the urn and looking very pleased. He didn't know whether to run away screaming or fall to his knees and beg for his life. She apparently saw the emotions play off his face and walked towards him.

"Now you don't worry n'tall Benny. That woman was a troublemaker, she got what she deserved." She patted his hand, "I know you wanted no part of this, you have nothing to fear."

She began to walk towards the house, paused, and turned around. "I thank you for returning these ashes back to the land it belongs. But if'n you want a payment, then take another look at your friend before you leave."

Benny turned slowly to see the two goats continue their fucking the female goat seemed to be timing her own thrusts to the males', just then he noticed that he had pissed himself sometime between getting out of the car and right now. "W-what about Mona?"

The old woman laughed. "I think you should be more concerned about yourself, or maybe Madame Ojo needs another fat pig for me family dinner."

Benny could hear her roaring laughter as he sped away in the rental as fast as he could gun it. His mind was racing with what he just witnessed but the central thought being repeated was to never bring this up again and hope she would forget his part in the little treachery.

Madame Ojo rubbed her urn affectionately. Some people never back off and will only stop when you finally give them no other Mona. Others just need a good scare to send them away forever, some like Benny. She hoped.

Renegotiation copyright 2001 by DarkBird.

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