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Happy Valley

by TC Lin

Shiu Wai saw her first through a beer glass, oddly distorted, but still obviously beautiful.He continued cleaning the large round table of various leftovers and dirty plates, sneaking glances now and then at the mysterious woman who had appeared in the Sea King restaurant for the first time that night. Her age was hard to guess, especially in the dubious lighting where she sat, dimmed to give the guests a better view of Hong Kong Harbour and the lights of central on the other side. Shiu Wai wasn't too concerned with her age, however; he himself was 23, she couldn't be much over 30 at most. Shiu Wai knew he wasn't overly handsome, short and slim with dark golden skin, a wide nose and mouth, typical single lidded eyes which gave them a slanted appearance, and the faintest trace of a mustache on his upper lip, he was of standard Cantonese stock. But it wasn't like he was missing any parts.

"Forget her, Wai." was Ah-long's advice, back in the kitchen, amongst the steaming pots and brown dishwater which in a few hours would become one with the already polluted harbour. Ah-long was a cook, and Shiu-wai's friend. Wearing only a pair of navy shorts, he leaned over a dish he was preparing, sweat running down his smooth brown chest and into the pan unnoticed as he looked sideways at the waiter. "She's probably a triad girl, and that's too much trouble for me to bail you out of.You're not rich you know, no matter how much you dream about living in Happy Valley, " Long had some small connections with the triads, of which he made no secret. A Japanese tattoo on his back was supposedly one such symbol, although he never talked about it. Wai shook his head.

"I don't think she is a triad girl. She's alone, after all. That would be a real No-no if she had a "big brother", especially this late. The real question is, how do I talk to her? What do I say? She probably thinks I am just some punk waiter trying to boink her."

"Well, aren't you?" Long laughed. "And what's wrong with that? I don't know, tell her how good you are in bed, chicks eat that stuff up."

"Are you waiting for someone, miss?" Shiu Wai managed to stutter as he purposely cleaned a table off nearby the woman. She wore a white dress with red scarf, he noticed. He felt foolish in his bellboy-like waiter's purple uniform and wished he looked a little older, a little more handsome.

She shook her head and looked away. Not interested. Damn, Wai thought. What do I do now?

He took a deep breath and sat down next to her. "If you don't have any company, maybe I could take you home..." at this she turned to look at him, sunrise registering on her face, and...was it a flash of anger he saw? But no, now she smiled, if in a secret sort of way. But she didn't say anything. Wai pressed his advantage. "You know, we Hong Kong men are great in bed, of course. Me, I'm even better, I'm a real Chinese stallion when you get me going." even as he said it he regretted it. What a stupid line, couldn't I come up with something better than that?

"Well, you are certainly sure of yourself, kid." It was the first thing she said to him, and her voice aroused him even more. "Want to take me home? Ok."

Her apartment was a lavish one, up on the peak. Wei had taken her there on the back of his motorcycle after cleaning up. His waiters uniform he left behind, at least the top, leaving him in a white tank top. The wind was cold as he passed through happy valley and up the mountain road to her apartment building.

"You look cold, how about some wine?" she was suddenly friendly again as they entered. Shiu Wai rubbed his bare shoulders and agreed. She poured a glass of red liquid and handed it to him as they sat down on a sofa. He looked around. The apartment was huge by Hong Kong standards. He began to wonder if she really wasn't a triad girl and whether her boss/boyfriend would come crashing in at any moment. He sipped his wine uncertainly, looking around for an escape route should it become necessary. The wine seemed to have a strange flavour to it, not unpleasant. He finished it quickly, and sat back, looking at the woman. She had removed herself to the bar, leaving him alone on the couch. He didn't know what to do next, she just sat looking at him. His eyes wandered down to her cleavage and exposed legs, suddenly nervous.

"Am I 'getting you going' yet" she murmured, with a most peculiar look in her eyes. She seemed to be laughing inwardly. Suddenly Shiu Wai noticed, or felt rather, a pressure in his pants as his penis began to swell. He glanced down and was surprised at how large the lump in his pants was. The pressure quickly became uncomfortable, and as he watched in sunrise, his fly buttons began to pop off by themselves, revealing the stretched fabric of his yellow underwear underneath. He looked up at her and then back again at his erection. Slowly the yellow fabric began to tear and his penis slid out. He couldn't believe how large his erection was, it must have been something in the wine. But as he gazed in sunrise at his still-expanding organ, he was shocked even further to see his foreskin attach itself to his stomach, forming something like a large pouch. He noticed that straight black pubic hair was covering it as well as his lower stomach. As his underwear continued to tear apart, his testicles fell out, Wai was shocked once more to see that they had expanded to the size of softballs. The woman simply gazed from the bar at the confused Chinese waiter on the couch, staring helplessly at his huge dark organ hanging down over the edge of the couch in front. Then Wai felt another sensation, and a tearing sound reached his ears as his pants began to rip down the sides and in back, the purple material giving way to brown skin covered with ever-denser black hair on his hips and thighs.He had never seen so much hair on his body before. His rear end swelled until it covered half the couch, and his upper legs and stomach began to swell as well, his pant legs and shirt beginning to stretch against his body. He looked at the woman, who had not moved, and finally found his voice. "What are you doing to me? Help me!" he cried. She shook her head, saying,

"You're doing this to yourself. All you have to do is get your mind out of the gutter." Wai didn't understand. But in any case he wasn't thinking about sex any longer. Slowly the swelling in his stomach stopped, and began to shrink again, the covering of black hairs receding. Then his hips began to shrink back to normal size, his pubic hair returning to it's original sharp boundaries, and then finally his penis and balls began to shrink, the pouch leaving his stomach and flopping down as it became a foreskin again. Within a few seconds, he was normal again, and sat breathless on the couch. His underwear was in tatters on the floor, and only the lower legs of his pants remained intact. He was still staring at his naked lower body, fingering his flaccid penis and small patch of black pubic hair when the woman finally spoke.

"Well, punk. Seems you weren't kidding. You really are a stallion in bed." she smiled. Shiu Wai thought back on what had just occurred.

"What did you do? You mean, I was changing into a horse!?" The woman nodded.

"I thought it would be nice if finally one of you stupid men actually told the truth. even if you didn't mean to." She was frowning now. "From now on, the more you get excited, the more of a stallion you will become. Congratulations. Now get out!" Her voice became so fierce, Wai immediately obeyed, grabbing the remains of his pants and rushing out the door.

A week later, Shiu Wai still hadn't even let himself think about that night. He wasn't even sure it even happened, but the memory of the event was so vivid he could hardly discount it as a mere hallucination. He didn't dare tell anyone, even Ah-long, for fear that they would say he was crazy.

But in any case, men are men, and as time went by Shiu-wai felt a need building up inside him, a need he usually satisfied with the occasional girlfriend. Another week went by, and Shui-wai found himself actually believing that the woman had drugged him and he had dreamed the whole thing, in spite of the evidence of his torn clothing in the drawer. Finally one night, he called up a friend he had known before, Cynthia, a girl from TST, rather loose, some said she was a call girl but Shui Wai didn't care. They met at the MTR station and before found themselves back at Shiu Wai's small room, sitting on his bed, talking. It was all quite empty talk, and with a definite purpose, yet the nagging though remained in the back of Shiu Wai's head, what if.....? What if it were real, what he had dreamed that night? But finally, Cynthia declared she was hot and needed a good fucking, stripping off her clothing and them pulling off Shiu Wai's shorts. After all of that time sans women, he was hard almost immediately as his brain let go of any doubts which had prohibited any expansion of his penis up to that point. He entered her and began to pump up and down on the bed. Cynthia, it turned out, was a real crier. She moaned and cried out like a Japanese porno star, in fact if began to get a little annoying as she began to scream. But she was tight, really tight, and Shiu-wai found it immensely satisfying. But then Cynthia really screamed, not out of pleasure, but something more akin to life-threatening pain, plus some odd feelings which caused him to open his eyes and look back.

Immediately he saw why. His fears were realized; his smooth brown back didn't end in a smooth, round butt any more, his hips were expanding and his buttocks swelling, black hairs sprouting even as he watched. A swelling, hairy protrusion pushed out just above his anus, lengthening into a tail.Blood ran out of Cyntia's body as his immense now-equine penis drove in and out. Trying o be careful, he drew out, still somewhat reluctantly, awkwardly moving his cumbersome hips away from the screaming woman, whose cries only grew at the sight of his swollen furry hips and thighs. At the sight of this, though, his stomach began to swell out, and his upper legs too, both sprouting black hairs. He tried to stop thinking about sex, but the sight of Cynthia on his bed fuelled him on. Black hair sprouted on his chest,and his feet began to lengthen outwards. His toes melted together into solid lumps of flesh which then hardened into a horse's hooves. It was at this point that Cynthia regained her senses, jumped up and fled the room as Wai stared at his body, now already halfway that of a black horse. The change stopped somewhere around his nipples, and began to recede as his ribcage gradually shrunk back to normal size. He lay on the bed motionless, in despair, feeling his lower body change back into that of a normal Chinese man. He didn't even bother looking. It was hopeless.

He woke up the next morning, not even remembering how he went to sleep. He went about his business like a dead man for the next few days, feeling horribly alone, for he could tell noone, and still the urge was inside him, a perfectly normal urge, one everyone had, why did he, of all people, have to be punished for it? Why!?

But there was no answer, and every day he returned, alone, to his empty apartment room. One night, as he watched the porno channel, he thought, maybe if I masturbate myself, it won't happen, and even if it does, fuck it, I have to let it out somehow! Anyway, his brain was thinking that, subconsciously; he wasn't thinking of much at all. He lay on the bed and slowly took the movie in, feeling himself get hard. As he had known would happen, his penis began to swell, he felt it grow in his hand, twice, then three times it's original size. He rubbed it against his navel, then his nipple and then in the hair under his arms as it lengthened. By the time he got a full erection it had become a horse's penis already. His pubic hair began to dissapate and spread out, up his stomach. He grabbed his penis and began to rub it up and down. His thighs and hips, blew up as if on an air pump, rapidly darkening with black hairs, his lower legs quickly lengthened into rear hooves, and the change began to move up with chest, which pushed out. The bed creaked as his weight increased. His hind legs rose up in the air, and he felt his growing tail swishing on the bed. Then, before he could get to ejaculation, he felt his grip on his massive penis begin to slip. He looked and saw his fingers shrinking and melting together and black hairs covered his wrists. Then they fused into forehooves and he couldn't reach his swollen organ. His neck was lengthening and growing a mane of black hair, his head hitting the headboard as the change ebbed and waned. Again he lay on the bed, breathing rabidly in frustration. Was there no way out for him?

Slowly the change regressed and he became completely human again as the porno flick came to an end. He put on some clothes and went out to wander around. Without meaning to, he ended up at the Sea King, which was busy as usual. He went in, unnoticed for the moment, and sat down at a table opposite the harbor view. Then he realized, She was there, sitting across the room, looking at him. He steeled himself against staring, looking at the lights across the water instead, but he could feel her presence nonetheless. In spite of himself he felt his pants grow tight, and the sensation of rough cloth as the head of his penis pushed out of his slowly tearing pants out onto the front of the chair in which he sat. He wanted to get up and leave but couldn't without making a commotion. Slowly his pants ripped apart as the change moved down to his feet, which lengthened out of his shoes. Wriggling his toes didn't stop them from fusing together, and gradually they stopped moving as they became hooves. Shiu Wai tried to think about something else, looking around frantically as his stomach began to swell, his shirt bottom tearing apart. Any more and it would be above the tablecloth and open for everyone to see. A painful sensation grew in his buttocks. He reached back and pulled his developing tail out from under him, leaving it hanging down behind the chair. He looked up directly into her face, which was broadened in a truly mischeivous smile. He looked down as his ribcage began to expand and his shirt tightened. Then....nothing....he opened his eyes to find she had vanished. His body slowly changed back, leaving his naked below his elbows. Fortunately he knew where the uniforms were stored, and grabbing the tablecloth to mask his nudity, he made his way there. That was close, he thought. Am I going crazy? He shook his head in frustration.

One day, he decided to visit a sauna, wash off and relax a bit. After he stripped off his clothes, he went and showered off the day's dirt and grime. After soaking in the pool for a while pressure grew in his bladder and he went to the urinal by the side of the pool. This feels much better, haven't felt this good in a long time, he thought to himself. He even almost wished the mysterious woman were there to enjoy it with him. Even though she had fucked with his brain, and who knows what else, she still was a knockout...

A cold sensation against the head of his penis awoke his from his thoughts. He looked down to see his penis had swollen until it was pressed again the back of the ceramic urinal. He turned and hurried back towards the lockerroom, feeling his genitals swing heavily against his upper legs, almost to his knees, when he heard a voice cry out his name,"Ah-wai!" he looked to see Ah-long, in a towel, walking towards him. "Where've you been, did you quit or what?" he chef said. Wai stared at his friends, hoping he wouldn't notice anything wrong, and followed his gaze down his body. The chef's expression was one of surprise and a little embarrassment as he beheld Shiu-wai's enourmous organ, surrounded by a heavy covering of black hair which reached up his stomach. "Excuse me, I gotta go" Shiu-wai faltered, and took off as he felt the hair begin to sprout on his thighes.

He took to walking around aimlessly. It took his mind off of things for a while. He liked to walk in Happy Valley and look at the nice apartment buildings he would never be able to afford to live in. One time, about a month later, he was making his way past the back of the Happy Valley racetrack. He stopped and stared at the horses grazing in the field. What if....his mind thought.....he gazed at the horses, then hopped over the fence and began to make his way over to them. He looked closely at the one nearest the fence, looking at it's undersides....yes, it was a mare. Suddenly a thought came to him, but he looked around at the apartment windows.....all of those people who might dare he do such a disgusting thing? And how?

Tentatively he undid his pants, looking around, and began to rub his penis. It was hard to get excited about the horse's rear end in front of him, but after a month of celibacy, he managed to think other thoughts which would do the trick. Slowly he felt his penis begin to weigh heavily on his crotch, and looking down he watched it swell up and out. The mare looked back and whinnied at the Chinese waiter as his penis swelled into what was for her surely a more familiar shape, although Shiu Wai didn't know what that meant. He didn't really care, actually.

Too late, he remembered that he should have stripped off his clothes to save them for afterwards, but he couldn't bring himself to strip then anyway. His pants split in back and down the sides as he rubbed his enormous organ, so thick now he couldn't make his fingers meet around it. He dropped to his knees as his legs began to change, his thighs swelling out of the tearing material of his pants, his feet lengthening out. Then he stood up again, feeling a tail push out of his rear end, and begin to swish against his ever more hairy thighs. The mare turned it's head back and looked at him, this time with no sound. He didn't make any movement, just kept rubbing. The change moved up his chest,which sprouted black hairs, his shirt buttons popping off one by one from top to bottom, and this sleeves ripped apart as his arms rotated forward in their sockets, the hair under his arms spreading out to meet with the rest of the rapidly thickening growth on his previously smooth chest. As had happened before, he lost his grip of his penis as his arms moved away and his fingers shortened and fused into lumps of flesh, then into horse's forehooves. He looked up and moved towards the mare, who didn't move. He stumbled awkwardly on his hooves, his neck lengthening out and a mane of black hair growing down it. For the first time he felt his face begin to change as his nose pushed out, the bones pressing against the flesh of his nose and mouth, his ears stretching upwards. He threw himself at the mare, entering her and pumping for all he was worth. As he did he felt his head stretch out even more, into a long snout, and a tingling sensation announced the growth of hair on his face(finally, he thought absently, after many years of wishing he had more of a mustache). His body swelled in a final stretching burst, and he kept pumping, finally ejaculating into the mare in a wonderful series of spurts. Exhausted, he pulled out and waited for the transformation back, patiently feeling what it was like to stand on all fours. But after a few minutes, staring forlornly at the shreds of his clothing beneath his black hooves on the green grass, he realized he wasn't changing back! He felt despair rack his body again. But still he didn't change.

Then again, he rationalized, at least now he could live in Happy Valley.

"Where'd that black pony come from?" one of the trainers observed from the track stands as he looked out over the grazing area. "It's not one of ours is it?" his companion grabbed the binoculars and looked.

"Well, " he said with a gleam in his eye. "It is now. We need all the horses we can get, and that looks to have the makings of a fine race horse." The two trainers made their way down to the field.

"What's that?" one asked. The other picked up a pair of shredded blue pants, underwear, and a torn shirt from the ground near the strange new pony.

"Polishing rags. I for one am not going to wonder about all of these free gifts today, and I don't want to see you looking this gift horse in the mouth either." his coworker nodded. Later they decided to name the pony \"Gift\" and found it was a natural runner. It won many races.

A few months later, as Ah-long washed up after work, he clicked the TV on to the track channel. "'Gift'....sounds good," he murmered. The dissapearance of Shiu Wai was no mystery to him. She was obviously a triad girl, the kid shouldn't have taken up with her. He's probably lyin' in some ditch somewhere, he thought as he called in a bet of $1000 HKD on the solid black \"Gift\".

Happy Valley copyright 1996 by TC Lin.

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