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The Donkey Curse

by Anonymous

John woke up feeling very stiff. He climbed out of bed and trudged through to the bathroom. He had taken part in a particularly tough work out the night before and put that down to why he was feeling so sore. He would have to face that weirdo Nancy today. He thought back to yesterday when he had tried to crack on to her, but she had freaked out. Hell, there was nothing wrong with feeling a girl's leg, everyone did it. Anyway she had freaked out, telling him that within the week he would pay for his treatment of women. Blah blah blah he thought. It was a shame, because she really was a gorgeous girl. She was nineteen, with shaplely legs, great tits and a fit, athletic body. He took a shower, and felt better. Then, climbing out of the shower he examined his physique in the mirror. He smiled, looking at his muscular arms and legs, he flexed his abs for effect and pulled on some jeans and a tight T-shirt.

Walking into school he strode past a group of girls on the corner, he could tell they were admiring his tight buttocks and body. He smiled - women were such a push over. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw Nancy, he crossed the yard to talk to her. 'Hi, Nancy, what do you say you come to your senses and come out with me tonight.'

Nancy looked at him, and instead of the reproach like he expected, she smiled.

'Your such a Jack Ass John.'

'Is that a yes?' he smirked,

Nancy smiled,

'Were you sore today John?'

'What?'He asked, astonished at such an odd question.

'You heard. Were you a bit stiff today?'


'Just wondered Jack..erm...John.' With that she walked into college.

'Freak of nature', sulked John.

Later that day, as John was sitting in his anatomy lecture when he began to feel really itchy. It crossed his mind that somebody had put itching powder on his clothes, because it was either that or he had fleas or something. It got so bad that he had to ask to be excused. Outside he scratched his back and arms feverishly. He rolled up his sleeve to see what the problem was and to his sudden surprise he saw his arm hair seemed to have become denser somehow. It was course, brown hair instead of his usual black stuff. He pulled his T- shirt off and looked over his shoulder to see if any had grown there. It had. Not only that, but it was also sprouting out of his shoulders and chest. He ran his fingers through the hair, feeling it's courseness. He frowned, it was disgusting. He had a basketball practice later tonight and did not want to miss it, but he couldn't go looking like he did. He pulled his T-shirt back on, and could feel the hair scratching against the material.

'What is happening to me?' he said out loud. Puzzled, and although he wouldn't admit it to himself a little frightened he went back to his class. His mind was on the hair all day - he just couldn't understand it.

At lunchtime he saw Nancy and she smiled at him condesendingly. He did not smile back, he was too worried about the strange growth of hair. He began to eat, and fumbled for the knife and fork. His fingers felt cold and stiff, he rubbed his hands together to try and get some feeling into them, but it did no good. He stuggled to eat his lunch, and decided he would go home, and shave the hair off before going to the basket ball practice.

He found the house empty when he got back which was a relief, his flatmates must be in lectures. He went to the bathroom and cautiosly removed his shirt again. His eyes widened in horror. The hair now grew in a thick patch over his stomach, it covered his nipples and pecks and grew over his shoulders covering his back completely. He carefully removed his jeans and discovered it was growing on his butt and thighs. Thick, brown stubby hairs. He looked at his naked body and realized that something was definitely happening to him. He ran his hands over the hairs on his arse. They were so thick, it was like a thick coat.

He pulled his clothes back on and sat down to watch TV. He was deeply troubled, but felt incredibly tired. He fell asleep...

Hours later he woke. He felt stiff again and realised it was dark outside. He went to the bathroom and stopped as he stared in horror at the mirror. The hair was now crawling up his neck. But it was his ears that scared him. In the few hours while he slept they had begun to grow. The tips had slowly stretched into a point, hair had started to grow on them. Then they had begun to lenghten, they now stood an inch or two higher then they had.

The fit, smooth man he was, was fading away. He pulled off his top, the hair has thickened, as he expected. It itched fiercly. He pulled off his jeans, noticing for the first time how tight they were. It was difficult to manipulate the zip because his fingers were swelling it seemed. Already his hand seemed much darker, the fingers were bunching into a fist. He tried to stretch out his fingers but they are too stiff. He wrestled with the jeans, only to find more changes. His hips were wider, his lower abdomen, now hairy, was slightly swelled. But his penis and balls were HUGE. They had doubled in size, and they had also darkened. The skin was thick and dark now. He put his hand down between his hairy thighs. The penis twitched. He turned round. The buttocks were bigger which explianed the tightness of his jeans, and above then was a stub. Grimly he relised he was growing a tail. A donkey tail.

His heart beat hard. He stumbled through to the living room and phoned Nancy. His hands were shaking as he dialed the number. His thick fingers meant that he occasionally kept pressing two buttons together. Eventually he managed to dial correctly. Seconds later, Nancy picked up the phone.


'Nancy?' said John. He realised that his voice sounded deeper, and more bestial.

'Is that you John?' she asked.

'Yeah, it me.'

'Are you alright?' - the sarcasm in her voice was biting.

'You know I'm not.' He said angrily.

'Oh, and why is that?'

'Don't fuck with me! What have you done to me?'

There was a pause. 'Alright,' she continued, 'I know what's wrong with you. You're growing hair all over your body aren't you?'

'Yes! Yes I am' he said.

'Well, I've put a curse on you. One that cannot be reversed.'

'Is this about my treatment of you?'

'Yes it is. You are becoming the Jackass you are.' She laughed. 'You see, the hair will continue to grow, until it is a heavy coat. You will notice your hands and feet are stiffening, well they are becoming hooves, John. You see a tail will grow, your spine will lengthen your body will slowly change and grow. Soon you won't be able to speak. Soon you'll be forced onto all fours and will only be able to stand there braying.' With that, she hung up.

John sighed and sat down. The situation was that he was turning into a donkey. He looked at the tail, it seemed to have grown during the conversation. The only action he could think of doing was to go and see her in person. He walked through to his bedroom and pulled on some jeans. They were very tight around his huge asinine genitals. His arse was swollen, he ran his stiff fingers over it, he was becoming more bestial by the minute. His stub of a tail created a small bulge in the back of his pants. He pulled on his shoes, and realized they were becoming tighter - his feet were beginning to lengthen. 'Soon they will be hind legs' said John aloud. He limped a little with the tight shoes on. He pulled on a woolly hat to cover his ears. His facial hair wold probably just look like a beard. He walked to the bus stop and waited. His body itched and he could feel the hair growing thicker over his body. The bus arrived and he asked for a student fare. He stopped. His voice sounded deeper, his voice box was changing. Coughing, he asked again more slowly. The driver gave him an annoyed look and the bus jittered on it's way. He panicked and only wished he could get to Nancy's house soon. As the bus started off he could feel his jeans tightening. His hips were developing fat and muscle around them, his stomach was starting to grow out into a donkey belly. It was pushing out from under his shirt. The pain he was enduring increased. His tail started to squirm down his pant leg and he had to stand up. So he wouldn't fall over he had to hold a handrail. His fingers had shortened, he had difficulty holding on, they were now very unmaluable. He hoped his tail wasn't bulging too much. The tightening in his clothes increased. He tried to calm himself down, but the fear that he was going through as his body changed was terrifying him. After an eternity the bus stopped. John staggered off, his center of gravity was continually pushing him forward. He was thankful he was not in a busy area. The pain in his body was excruciating as his size increased. He could hardly move because of the restrictions. In horror he looked at his hand. The skin between his fingers was fusing. He was helpless as his hands started to become indistiguasble from heavy donkey hooves. He pushed them down into his pockets and carried on his way.

Then he heard a heavy tearing sound. Without warning his thighs started to burst through the jeans. Heavy hair covered muscles sprouted forth. Then they tore in the butt, as his tail, now covered in hair and ending in a shiny tassel erupted through the fabric.

'It's speeding up!' he croaked. He started to run. His legs were becoming more bestial. Heavy thighs, long feet, ending in a clopping pair of hooves. His arms were visibly longer now as they became fore legs. All he knew was that he must, at all costs stay on two feet. As soon as he went onto all fours, he realized he would be a donkey. The jeans ripped more, falling off and catching on his high ankles. His feet had long since outgrown his shoes. His huge genitals bounced backwards and forwards between his deep set thighs as he ran. His butt was swelling, and his knees were drawing up underneath his belly as the new muscles pulled his body inexhaustibly into it's new shape.

'Nooo! HEEEE HAAW! NOHEE!' he shouted tilting forward, his arms now ridiculously long began to pull his weight forward. His ears, now a foot long had pushed off his hat, showing that his blonde hair had receded into a spiky black mane, which ran down his neck. As he tilted forward, he reflexively put his arms out in front to catch himself, but his hooves clopped loudly onto the pavement. He could no longer stand on two feet, his hairy asinine buttocks wereforced into the air. In horror, he realized that those same buttocks had been desirable to women just two days ago, now look at them...

If anyone had seen him, they would have not recognized his features as they became quickly covered in donkey hair. His nostrils flared out, his lips became brown and rubbery. His teeth ridiculously oversized as he continued to change. His back burst through his shirt showing a brown cross that marks all jack asses. Gradually he could not form words, instead only a frustrated braying emerged from what had once been a human mouth. HEEE HAWWWW HEEEEEE HAWWW HEEE HAWWW!

He clopped unsteadily forward, a million thoughts running through his mind. His face pushed out into a donkey muzzle, and his last human thought was that he had made a jackass of himself. Damn...if only he had payed more attention to Pinocchio as a child.

John the donkey was found chewing on some grass a few hours later. Nancy had him picked up, and taken to a petting zoo.

She was a mean girl, but not that mean. The curse would last only a month, by which he would return to his human form. But that ladies gentlemen and (ahem) donkeys is another story.

The Donkey Curse copyright 1998 by Anonymous.

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